Enjoy $2 off on your Expressway pass with Wing Visa cards!

Promo Period: Feb 1, 2023 to Apr 30, 2023

Special offer to all Phnom​ Penh​ –​ Sihanoukville​ Expressway​ lovers!​ Now until​ 30​ April​ 2023,​ all​ Wing​ Visa​ Card cardholders​ can​ enjoy​ a $2​ instant​ discount​ on​ your​ Expressway​ pass​ for​ a​ minimum​ fee​ payment​ of​ $10.

Don’t​ have​ a​ Wing​ Visa​ ​card​ yet?​ Request​ a​ Debit or​ Credit card now and enjoy the offer.

Simple​ steps​ to​ get​ the​ offer

  • Drive​ to​ the​ Expressway​ entrance​ and​ receive​ a​ PPSHV​ E-Pass.
  • Enter​ the​ Expressway​ and​ head​ towards​ your​ destination
  • When​ you​ arrive​ at​ the​ exit​ of​ your​ destination,​ you​ will​ be​ required​ to​ return​ the​ PPSHV​ E-Pass​ to​ the​ cashier​ and​ charged​ a​ fee​ based​ on​ the​ distance​ traveled​ and​ vehicle​ type.​
  • Pay​ with​ your​ Wing​ Visa​ card​ and​ enjoy​ an​ instant​ $2​ discount​ on​ the​ Expressway​ fee.

Promotion​ Period:​ From​ 1​ February​ to​ 30​ April​ 2023​ (or until​ the budget​ lasts).

Promotion has ended

Terms​ and​ conditions

  • This​ promotion​ is​ applicable​ to​ all​ Wing​ Visa​ cardholders.
  • Each​ Wing​ Visa​ ​ cardholder​ can​ enjoy​ a $2​ discount​ for​ a​ minimum​ fee​ payment​ of​ $10​ per​ transaction.
  • This​ promotion​ is​ applicable​ to​ all​ 8​ exit​ toll​ gates​ of​ the Expressway.
  • This​ promotion​ is​ only​ applicable​ for​ MTC​ toll​ gates,​ excluding​ ETC​ or​ ANPR.
  • This​ promotion​ is​ on​ a​ “first-come,​ first-served”​ basis​ and​ runs​ on​ a​ budget,​ which​ may​ finish​ before​ the​ end​ of​ the​ promotion​ period.
  • Wing​ Bank​ and​ Visa​ reserve​ the​ rights​ at​ their​ discretion​ to​ change​ or​ amend​ the​ terms​ and​ conditions​ or​ terminate​ this​ promotion​ without​ prior​ notice.