Marketing Support Manager

Full Time Phnom Penh Posted 4 weeks ago


The Marketing Support Manager will work with various stakeholders, including sales, product, segment, creative, media, consumer insight, and customer support, to ensure that the campaign launch will align with the company's overall goals and timeline.

Job Descriptions

  • Increased brand awareness: Increase brand awareness by generating interest in the company's products or services. This can be done through various channels, such as advertising, public relations, and social media.
  • Business growth: To increase sales by driving traffic to the company's website, Wing Bank App, social media channel, or Wing Bank branch locations.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: To improve customer satisfaction by providing them with information about the company's products or services. This can be done through customer surveys, social media engagement, and customer support.
  • Develop and execute marketing plans: Develop and execute marketing plans that align with the company's overall business goals. This includes identifying target audiences, developing marketing messages, and selecting the right marketing channels.
  • Manage marketing budgets: Manage marketing budgets and track spending to ensure that campaigns are within budget.
  • Oversee marketing campaigns: They oversee the execution of marketing campaigns to ensure that they are delivered on time and within budget. They also monitor campaign results and make adjustments as needed.
  • Analyze marketing data: Analyze marketing data to measure the success of campaigns and identify areas for improvement.
  • Report on marketing results: Manage the collection of reports from each communication function on the results of marketing campaigns for senior management and other stakeholders.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, economics, business management, or similar quantitative discipline
  • At least 3 - 4 years working in a similar quantitative role
  • Business Understanding:
  • 1.360◦ Integrated Marketing Communication
  • 2.Marketing Campaign Management
  • 3.Media and Digital Marketing
  • 4.Product marketing management
  • 5.Business communication
  • 6.Customer behavior
  • 7.Product life cycle