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Transportation Made Smarter and Easier

Need a ride to go to school? Out to shop? Rushing to work? Or just want to roam around the city? Get the City Bus Card powered by Wing for a more flexible public transportation. No need to carry cash when traveling around the city. Just tap your City Bus Card and enjoy a hassle-free ride.

The bus card tailored to your lifestyle.

The City Bus Card by Wing is available in Blue and Green to perfectly fit your needs and activities.

Green Card

The Green Card is the standard card meant for general customers who do not fall into the categories of the Blue Card.

Blue Card

This card is especially made for monks, students, people with disability, kids with height below 1 meter, and elderly people. Availing this card gives you 180 city bus rides.

Get your City Bus Card in 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to City Bus Station Card Counters.
  2. To avail the Blue Card, present your student/monk ID and mobile number.
  3. Pay the card fee and immediately get the card.

Activate your Wing Card for City Bus

  1. Go to City Bus Station Card Counters.
  2. Present your Wing Card
  3. Just swipe and tap, and your card is ready for City Bus.

Perks and Features

Turn your bus rides into unique and stress-free experiences with Wing.

  • Hassle-free

    No more worries when it comes to bringing the exact fare or getting change. Enjoy the convenience of cashless payment.

  • Track and

    Get updates about your travels, expenses, and credit with the USSD function and WingMoney App.

  • Easy Cash-in or Reload Methods

    Wing gives you 4 simple ways to cash-in or reload your City Bus Card.

How to Use the
City Bus Card

After getting your City Bus Card or activating your Wing card, you can immediately use it for your city bus transportation. Just tap your City Bus Card or Wing Card on the farebox every time you board and leave the city bus. Deductions will automatically be implemented for every ride. Make sure to cash-in your Wing City Bus Card before your credit runs out or to extend the validity of your card.

How To Cash-in

  • City Bus Station - The Blue Card and the Green Card can be both reloaded at any City Bus Station.
  • 8,000 Wing Cash Xpress agents - Cash-in your Green Card with any Wing Cash Xpress agent.
  • Wing 2 Wing - Green cards can enjoy the peer-to-peer transfer feature
  • FTB Fund transfer to Wing - Experience quick and easy transfer. Available to Green Cards only.

How To Check Your Balance

WingMoney App

Other Exciting Features

It's more than just a bus card. The City Bus Card powered by Wing also has the following exciting features that will make your commute easier and better:

  • Phone to-up
  • Bill Payment
  • Online Payment
  • Pay with Wing

Terms and Conditions
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City Bus Card