The NCS is a transfer service to a local bank that can transfer up to 100,000 dollars or 400,000,000 riel.

Even more specifically, you have only the Wing Bank App to transfer money to other local banks in just seconds. You​ do​ not​ need​ to​ travel with​ cash​ to​ bank​ branches and queue​ or​ issue​ checks.​

For transfer fees, just only 0.05% of the transfer amount (minimum of 20,000 riel or 5 dollars). There are more than 35 local banks nationwide that accept fund transfers from Wing account via Wing Bank App.


*Fees and limit


Transaction Limit/Day

Customer Fee



(min. 5USD)



(min. 20,00 KHR)

Transfer via NCS

How to transfer via NCS:

  1. Open Wing Bank App then select ​ Local Bank Transfer
  2. Choose Wing Bank to Other Bank
  3. Choose Local Bank-NCS
  4. Input​ the​ recipient’s​ details​ such​ as​ name,​ bank​ name,​ account​ number, enter​ the​ transfer​ amount​ and​ purpose​ then​ tap​ send​ button
  5. Confirm the transaction​ with​ your​ 4-digit​ PIN then your transaction is successfully.
ID BIC External Code Name Clearing Center
1001 ABAAKHPP 36100 Advanced Bank of Asia Ltd Phnom Penh
1004 ACLBKHPP 41001 ACLEDA Bank Plc Phnom Penh
1176 BKCHKHPP 71001 Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited Phnom Penh Branch Phnom Penh
1466 BKKBKHPP 82001 Bangkok Bank Plc. Br. Cambodia Phnom Penh
19336 BREDKHP2 92001 Bred Bank Cambodia Plc Phnom Penh
1009 CABCKHPP 16010 Cambodia Asia Bank Ltd Phnom Penh
1015 CADIKHPP 5001 Canadia Bank Plc Phnom Penh
320598 CHNOKHPP 99001 Chip Mong Commercial Bank Plc Phnom Penh
1011 CIBBKHPP 72121 CIMB Bank Cambodia Plc Phnom Penh
1016 CPBLKHPP 4010 Cambodian Public Bank Ltd Phnom Penh
1027 CSBCKHPP 80011 Cathay United Bank Cambodia Co, Ltd Phnom Penh
1020 CZNBKHPP 66001 Kookmin Bank Cambodia Plc Phnom Penh
1017 FCBKKHPP 40001 First Commercial Bank Phnom Penh Branch Phnom Penh
1018 FTCCKHPP 1010 Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia Phnom Penh
1019 HDSBKHPP 81005 Phillip Bank Plc Phnom Penh
1316 HLBBKHPP 77001 Hong Leong Bank Cambodia PLC Phnom Penh
1265 ICBCKHPP 73001 Mega International Commercial Bank Phnom Penh
1040 ICBKKHPP 69001 ICBC Limited Phnom Penh Branch Phnom Penh
1088 IDBCKHPP 68001 Bank for Invest and Deve of Cambodia Plc Phnom Penh
1021 KRTHTHBK 9999 Krung Thai Bank Public Co, Ltd Phnom Penh
1022 MBBEKHPP 20001 May Bank Phnom Penh Branch Plc Phnom Penh
1346 MSCBVNVX 74001 MB Bank Plc., Cambodia Branch Phnom Penh
1003 NCAMKHPP 100001 National Bank of Cambodia Phnom Penh
1023 OSKIKHPP 78002 RHB Bank (Cambodia) Plc. Phnom Penh
346948 PINCKHPP 96001 PRINCE Bank Plc Phnom Penh
1024 PPCBKHPP 58111 Phnom Penh Commercial Bank Phnom Penh
565160 SBHRKHPP 105999 SBI Ly Hour Bank Plc Phnom Penh
1525 SBPLKHPP 56099 Sathapana Bank Plc Phnom Penh
1026 SGTTVNVX 64001 Sacom Bank Cambodia PLc Phnom Penh
1028 SHBKKHPP 53001 Shinhan Bank (Cambodia) Plc. Phnom Penh
1010 SICOKHPP 3001 Cambodian Commercial Bank Ltd Phnom Penh
1241 TACBKHPP 76001 Taiwan Cooperative Bank Phnom Penh Branch Phnom Penh
241470 TCABKHPP 102010 JTrust Royal Bank Ltd Phnom Penh
1029 UCBPKHPP 26100 Union Commercial Bank Plc Phnom Penh
1030 VBLCKHPP 43050 Vattanac Bank Phnom Penh