Unlock Wingcoin Wealth: Embark on a Thrilling Wing Bank Treasures Hunt and Win Big!

Promo Period: Jan 23, 2024 to Jul 31, 2024

January 24, 2024

Welcome to the Wing Bank treasure hunt extravaganza, where every transaction takes you one step closer to unlocking incredible rewards! Are you ready to plunge into the world of Wingcoin and discover hidden treasures? Buckle up because the journey is about to get thrilling!

Promotion Period: From now until July 31, 2024

Campaign Mechanic

To participate, simply engage in any transaction on the Wing Bank app, whether it’s scanning and paying with Wing KHQR, transferring Wing to Wing, paying bills, topping up your phone. Your transaction will unleash the Wingcoin, propelling you toward epic treasures and monthly lucky draws featuring the Scoopy 2024, iPhone 15 Pro Max, 65″ LG TV, LG Refrigerators, and more! Reach an outstanding 150,000 Wingcoin, and a gleaming 0.5kg gold bar could be yours.

How to claim the treasure hunt rewards

  • Conduct any transaction using the above-mentioned features.
  • After confirming your PIN, the treasure will be revealed.
  • Choose your favorite treasure box.


  • Daily Delights: Win 20 Wingcoin to 10,000 Wingcoin daily, with up to 5,100 winners.
  • Monthly Marvels: iPhone 15 Pro Max, 65″ LG TV, LG Refrigerators
  • Quarterly Quest: Set your sights on Scoopy and a Gold 24k bar weighing 0.5kg

Terms and Conditions

  • This promotion is open to all Wing customers actively engaging in transactions on the Wing Bank app during the promotion period.
  • Qualified transactions include Wing to Wing transfers, Phone Top-Ups, Bill Payments, Scan Pay via Wing KHQR, and orders placed on the Wingmall app.
  • Monthly Winners will be selected randomly by the system and announced on Wing Bank’s official Facebook Page the following month, first week.
  • The monthly and grand prize winners will be contacted by Wing Bank directly via 023 999 989 to receive prize.
  • Wing Bank reserves the right to disqualify participants engaging in fraudulent or suspicious activities.
  • All Wing Bank Terms and Conditions apply.

Win a Gold Bar with Wingcoin Gold Bar Racing!

Get in the race using the Wing Bank App and start accumulating Wingcoin for win a substantial 0.5kg gold bar. This offer is for Wing Bank users in the competition to collect the most Wingcoin up to 150,000 to win the grand prize of Gold Bar for half of a kilogram, two prizes!

Terms and Conditions 

  1. Prize: 24K 0.5Kg x 2 Gold Bars
  2. Promotion Period: starting from 20th February to 20th August 2024.
  3. Eligible Customer: Only customer accounts with full identity, using the Wing Bank App and active for at least 2 months before their first Wingcoin redemption, are eligible.
  4. How to Win: The first collector of 150,000 Wingcoin with a valid profile will win.
  5. Winning Condition: One gold bar will be placed as a prize every 3 months. The winner could win only one gold bar. For example, if you win one gold bar in the first 3 months, you are not eligible to win another gold bar in the second 3 months.
  6. 10 Unique Merchants: the winner must pay the 10 different Wingpay/Wingmall merchants.
  7. 40-Day Policy: 150,000 Wingcoin must be collected in less than 40 days. By that, the collectors who spend less than 40 days to get 150,000 Wingcoin, counted from their first eligible collection date, will not be eligible.
  8. Winner Announcement: The announcement of the winner will be within week 1 after the race period via the Wing Bank App and Wing Media channels.
  9. Eligible Coins: The Wingcoin eligible for this promotion includes those earned from the merchants, offline and online, and treasure hunt only, using the same phone number. The number of coins collected in the first 3 months will not be considered for the next race (second 3 months).
  10. Redemption of Wingcoin: The Wingcoin balance is not considered. The customers could redeem anytime within the period without any impact on the number of coins racing.
  11. Prize Claim: Wing Bank will send the prize to the next running-up candidate if, after the announcement, the winner does not claim via the Wing Bank Branch or cannot be reached within 7 working days from the call center.
  12. Right to Withdrawal: Wing Bank reserves the right to withdraw the prize and the eligibility of candidates if fraud or abnormal activity is detected and validated by the committee.


  • 1. What is Treasure Hunt?

    Treasure Hunt is a promotional campaign created to reward and bring moments of delight and excitement for our customers with spectacular prizes and indelible moments.
  • 2. How can I be eligible for the Treasure Hunt?

    To be eligible for the Treasure Hunt campaign, you should perform transactions, including Wing to Wing transfers, Phone Top-Ups, Bill Payments, Scan Pay via Wing KHQR, and orders placed on the Wingmall app.

  • 3. How to win monthly prizes (Motor, iPhone, TV, and refrigerator)?

    In addition to the Wingcoin prize, you can receive a ticket or one entry to stand a chance to win monthly prizes such as: Motor Scoopy 2024, iPhone 15 Pro Max, 65” LG TV, and LG refrigerator.
  • 4. How to win the quarterly prize, Gold Bar 0.5kg?

    The first customer who accumulates 150,000 Wingcoins within 3 months through the Wingcoin treasure hunt and Wingcoin loyalty program will win the grand prize.
  • 5. How will I know if I’m the Winner?

    The announcement of the winner will be made on the official Wing Bank Facebook page [link].

    • For the Daily Prize: You will receive Wingcoin instantly upon open the treasure box.
    • As for the Monthly Prize and Grand Prize: Winners will be contacted exclusively by our customer support team through 023 999 989 for information regarding the date and prize distribution.