Wing Bank and Techo Startup Centre Crown Champions of Turing Hackathon Cycle 6

April 29, 2024

With Wing Bank’s support, the Techo Startup Centre (TSC) concluded Turing Hackathon Cycle 6, igniting digital innovation among the youth.

Turing Hackathon Cycle 6, supported by Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc, has identified 5 winners for their innovative tech entrepreneurship ideas aimed at addressing social problems.

“The youth’s participation in such a contest goes beyond winning prizes. It serves as a valuable opportunity to cultivate a social entrepreneurial mindset among the future resources of our nation,” said Han Peng Kwang, CEO of Wing Bank. “Through this experience, they can gain a deeper understanding of community challenges and leverage their technical knowledge to effectively address them, fostering innovation and positive change.”

Organized by the Ministry of Economic and Finance and Techo Startup Center, Turing Hackathon Cycle 6 aims to bring together creative innovators to find solutions and develop business ideas into innovative solutions for social problems. It also aims to provide a solid foundation for the next generation of innovators to become problem solvers through technology and entrepreneurship.

Techo Startup Centre, founded in April 2018, aims to foster Cambodia’s digital economy. Turing Hackathon is one of many initiatives by TSC, bringing together creative innovators to develop solutions to address social issues.

Mrs. Hean Lorida, Deputy Director of Techo Startup Centre, expressed enthusiasm about the increasing number of young tech talents applying each year, highlighting their readiness to contribute to Cambodia’s digital transformation.

After a 3-week application period, Turing Hackathon Cycle 6 received 115 applications, comprising 83 teams and 32 individual candidates. Out of these, 12 teams advanced to the final contest.

The Sleep-Deprived Squad won first place, earning 4 million Riel for their financial literacy simulation game. Buttercup secured second place, receiving 3 million Riel for their automated customer comment capture during Facebook Live. Stylend, a fashion app enabling users to rent clothes and connect with local designers, took third place, receiving 2 million Riel.

Rokpet and Kasekortech were honored with 1 million Riel each for their medical assistance and AI-powered pest control solutions in cashew tree farming.

Wing Bank, a dedicated social contributor, has consistently proven to be an outstanding partner for Techo Startup Center. Their unwavering support has extended to numerous programs, including the Reverse Innovation Program 2021, the Digital SME Accelerator Program 2021, the Digital Platform Accelerator Program 2022, and the Digital Platform Accelerator Program Cohort 2 in 2023. In addition to providing invaluable sponsorship funds, Wing Bank actively participated as a judge during the winner selection process, further solidifying their commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within the community.

The country’s tech and digital businesses earned $470 million in 2019, driven by the rise of cashless payments and financial technology. The young population, accounting for 36.59% of the total population, is a significant driver of digital technology and economic progress, according to Cambodia’s Digital Tech Road Map.