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Transfer money to UnionPay Card in China fast, secure and convenient on Wing Bank App

You only need a Wing Bank App to transfer money to China with UnionPay in just a few seconds and instantly credit to the receiver’s account in China. No need to create a UnionPay card here! Enjoy special promotion of zero fee charge every Tuesday with a maximum of $500 on the Wing Bank App until the end of 2022.

UnionPay on Wing Bank App Benefits

  • Effortless - customers don’t need to create a UnionPay card before performing the transactions
  • Time-saving - customers can send money to UnionPay card in China easily with Wing Bank App anywhere and anytime
  • Real-time service - the remittance is deposited into the receiver’s account instantly or within 12 hours
  • Offer- customers can get a highly convenient, fast, and secure remittance service

Fees & Limitations


Customer Fee


 $                                       5.00


 $                                     10.00


 $                                     15.00


 $                                     20.00


  • Limitation on Wing Bank App (from account to account): 2,000 USD per transaction and 5,000 USD per day

Other Term & Conditions

  • You must have a full-KYC Wing account.
    • For new account registration, please go to register now.
    • For existing users, you can go to Wing branches to check your account status.
  • For our zero fee promotion, one customer can get only one free remittance service with a maximum transaction amount up to 500 USD every Tuesday on their first transaction using Wing Bank App
  • Customers will be required to fill and confirm the information before performing the transaction.

How-To: Make the transfer

To send money to UnionPay card to China on the Wing Bank App, please follow the below steps:

  1. Install and log into your Wing Bank account to Wing Bank App
  2. Select "World Transfer" on the home screen
  3. Select country "China"
  4. Choose partner "Unionpay"
  5. Fill in all required information
  6. Click "Confirm" to verify the amount transfer
  7. Input your account 4-digit PIN code to complete the transactions
  8. You will receive a “Successful transaction” pop up