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Send money from Japan to Cambodia conveniently via Wing Bank

Wing Bank and City Express Money Transfer Japan are joining hands to provide better & more secure solutions for all Cambodian residents living or working in Japan to transfer money to their loved ones in Cambodia. Customers with or without Wing accounts can receive money from Japan via Wing Bank App or from Wing nearby.

Why Wing Bank

  • Accessibility: The sender in Japan can send money by using a City Express City Remit Card at any Japan Post Bank ATM in more than 30,000 locations and visit City Express counters in more than 25 locations
  • Fast and secure: The receiver in Cambodia can receive the money within minutes after the transaction is completed and you can cash out easily at Wing nearby from anywhere​ or directly to the Wing account
  • Price: A flat fee transfer of 1,000 JPY per transaction. Interestingly, there is no additional fee charge on the receivers’ side

Transfer Amount

  • For the receiver with Wing Account, you can get up to 2,500 USD per transaction and 5,000 USD per day
  • For the receiver without Wing Account, you can receive money up to 1,000 USD per transaction to 2,500 USD per day

How to Transfer from Japan

The sender in Japan can send money to Cambodia by following a few simple steps:

1. Make a registration at the City Express counter or register via the mobile app. There is no fee charged for registration.

2. After the registration, City Express will issue a city remit card and deliver it to your address. There is no additional fee charge on the card and express

3. Send money via any Japan Post Bank ATM by using the city remit card

4. The sender will receive the confirmation by SMS and email

How to Receive in Cambodia

The receiver in Cambodia can receive money convenient and free of charge with the below detail:

1. For receivers with Wing accounts: they can get money directly and instantly to their account

2. For receivers without Wing accounts: they can get the passcode from the sender and present it to cash out at any Wing nearby together with proving their receiving mobile number and finance amount.

Receive Money

World Family Remit (With Tranglo)

How to transfer?

Customers can send via Wing's partner branch: World Family Remit (with Tranglo) and also World Family Remit App or Website.


Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 2 -4-6 Mate Shinjuku Building 3rd Floor (3rd Floor, Meito Building, Hyakunin-cho). It’s only two minutes walk from JR Yamanote Line, Shin-okubu Station.

Website: www.worldfamilyremit.com

Tel: 03-3362-8055

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