Bakong Users Can Cash Out at Wing Outlets for a Fee as Low as 800 Riels

April 4, 2024

The Bakong Users Can Now Cash Out from Any Bank at Wing Cash Xpress Agents, Wing Master Agents, and Wing Bank Offices nationwide for a Fee as Low as 800 Riels.

Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc reduces its cash-out fee at Wing Cash Xpress Agents, Wing Master Agents, and Wing Bank Offices nationwide for all Bakong KHQR customers, ensuring convenient access to funds while traveling to any province to celebrate Khmer New Year.

“The customers traveling to provinces for Khmer New Year will not need to bring along much physical cash,” said Wing Bank CEO, Han Peng Kwang. “They can cash out at any of our outlets nationwide as we have reduced the fee to as low as 800 riels now.”

To utilize this service, all Bakong members can conveniently visit any nearby Wing location, where they can effortlessly scan the provided QR code at the counter and instantly withdraw their funds.

Wing Bank’s commitment to comprehensive financial services is evident in its widespread network and diverse offerings. Eliminating the need for traditional bank branches or ATMs, Bakong members can perform all their transactions seamlessly at over 11,000 Wing locations nationwide, ensuring ease of access and convenience.

Bakong, the national payment gateway introduced by the National Bank of Cambodia, utilizes blockchain technology and open APIs to enhance interoperability among numerous local financial institutions. With 70 financial institution members, 49 of which are actively operating, Bakong has become a vital platform for facilitating secure and efficient financial transactions.

As part of the bank’s commitment to meet the evolving needs of its customers, additional branches and ATMs/CDMs will be launched in the upcoming months, further enhancing its reach and service offerings.

Meanwhile, Cash-in transactions to all Wing Bank accounts can be performed at any Wing outlet without any fees, further simplifying financial management for customers.

Traditionally, accessing cash for users often meant inconvenient trips to bank branches or limited ATM network. This not only created an obstacle for financial mobility but also disproportionately affected those in rural areas.

Therefore, this Wing Bank’s low-cost fee will directly addresses this challenge, creating a more inclusive financial ecosystem for all Cambodians.

Wing Bank’s commitment to financial inclusion extends beyond reduced fees. By leveraging its vast network and innovative solutions, the bank is empowering all users and driving Cambodia towards a more cashless, digitally connected future.