Pay bills Wing account

You can pay your bills anywhere!

Paying your bills doesn’t need to be a hassle. Pay your bills quickly, conveniently, and securely with a Wing account. You don't even need to leave your house. Wing has partnered with over 200 billers, allowing you to pay your utilities, loans, suppliers, and more with ease. Pay your bills on time straight from your phone.

How to pay bills via Wing account:

  1. Open Wing Bank App
  2. Select “ Bills Payment ”
  3. Enter PIN code
  4. Select type of Company
  5. Select Company
  6. Fill in formation and click ‘’ Pay’’
  7. Enter PIN code and click “ Confirm”
  8. Payment success
  9. You will receive Notification on App

Pay Bills at Wing Cash Xpress

You don't need to look far to find a Wing Cash Xpress

No matter where you are in Cambodia, you'll be able to pay your bills with ease. Visit any one of our more than 11,000 Wing Cash Xpress to quickly pay for your bills. You'll find Wing Cash Xpress all over Cambodia, so you'll never need to travel far to find one.

How to pay a bill at Wing Cash Xpress:

  1. Take your bills or invoices to any nearest Wing Cash Xpress (WCX) outlet
  2. Tell WCX that you want to pay the bills
  3. Write down your bill numbers/invoice numbers, amount, and your phone number
  4. Give money to Wing Cash Xpress (WCX)
  5. Get the receipt from Wing Cash Xpress (WCX)

Our Billers List

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