UnionPay Money Transfers send money to your loved ones in China quickly and easily via UnionPay, available on the Wing Bank App. Our transfer service ensures that your money reaches its destination quickly, securely, and at an affordable cost.

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10+ years of trusted experience in local Cambodia and International.

  • Effortless no need to create a UnionPay card before performing the transactions
  • Time-saving send money to China easily with the Wing Bank App anywhere and anytime
  • Real-time service the remittance is credit into the recipient's account instantly
  • Offer convenient, fast, and secure remittance service
  • Competitive price enjoy a new price list for funds transfer

Transfer Amount and Fee Charge

Limitation on Wing Bank App (from account to account): 2,000 USD per transaction and 5,000 USD per day


Amount Range

Fee (USD)


1.01- 500


500.01- 1,000








How to make funds transfer via the Wing Bank app

To send money abroad via UnionPay on the Wing Bank App, please follow the below steps:

international Money Transfers phone
  1. Go to the Wing Bank app
  2. Tap on "World Transfer"
  3. Select the country and Choose partner "UnionPay"
  4. Fill in all required information
  5. Tap "Confirm" to verify the amount transfer
  6. Input 4-digit PIN code to complete the transactions

Term & Conditions

  • You must have a full-KYC Wing account.
    1. For new account registration, please go to hereto register now.
    2. For existing users, you can go to Wing branches to check your account status.
  • For our zero fee promotion, one customer can get only one free remittance service with a maximum transaction amount up to 500 USD every Tuesday on their first transaction using Wing Bank App
  • Customers will be required to fill and confirm the information before performing the transaction.
  • For remittance transactions in any currency which is not listed above, you are encouraged to visit any branch for details.

How can we help you?


  • 1. What is UnionPay?

    UnionPay is a global payment network that enables people to make payments and send money internationally. It is the most popular payment network in China, and it is accepted by millions of merchants and ATMs around the world.  

  • 2. How can I send money to China using UnionPay?

    You can send money to China using UnionPay through the Wing Bank App. To do this, you will need to download the Wing Bank app and create a Wing Bank account. Once you have created an account, you can follow these steps to send money to China:  

    • Open the Wing Bank App  
    • Tap on "World Transfer"  
    • Select "China" from the list of countries  
    • Choose "UnionPay" as your partner
    • Input the receiver’s Card Number and the Amount of money you want to send  
    • Enter the recipient's information, including their name and purpose of sending money
    • Review the transaction details and confirm the transfer  
  • 3. How long does it take for money to be transferred to China using UnionPay?

    The time it takes to transfer money to China using UnionPay will usually be credited to the recipient's account instantly or within 12 hours. 

  • 4. I have more questions. Where can I get help?

    If you have more questions about sending money to China using UnionPay, please contact our customer service and call 023 999 989 or 012 999 489, email: care.centre@wingbank.com.kh, or direct chat with our official Facebook page.   

  • 5. If I don't have a UnionPay card, how can I transfer to another Union card in China via the Wing Bank app?

    You do not need to have a UnionPay card! But you're required to have a Wing Bank account and Wing Bank App. 

  • 6. How can I confirm that my transfer has been successful?

    Once you enter your 4-digit PIN code, a pop-up message will appear on the screen confirming that your transfer was successful. Additionally, you can view your transaction history from your account.

  • 7. How much amount can I transfer in one transaction?

    You can send up to 2,500 USD per transaction via the Wing Bank app.

  • 8. Will my beneficiary be charged for this service as well?

    No. There won't be any additional fees charged on the receiver's side.

  • 9. Can I make several transfers within a day?

    Yes, you can make transactions several times to reach the amount of 5,000 USD per day. Every new transaction is subject to the new fee charge. You can check our fee structure in the "Transfer Amount and Fee Charge" section. Future changes are subject to happen based on UnionPay partnership. Wing Bank reserves the right to change without prior notice.

  • 10. If I don't have the Wing Bank app, how can I make the transfer?

    If you don't have a Wing Bank account yet, you can go to Wing nearby and bank branches for account registration. Or download the Wing Bank app and follow the account requirements steps.