Transforming the way you handle money, Wing is excited to introduce WingPay - a cutting-edge, secure, and instant cashless payment solution utilizing KHQR codes. With WingPay, enjoy the freedom of making cashless payments at shops, restaurants, and even online, all from your smartphone!

This feature is designed for your convenience, removing frequent top-up hassle. All transactions via WingPay are seamlessly processed from your Wing account or card.

Experience the ease of cashless transactions with WingPay!

What is KHQR?

KHQR is a universal QR code that allows every bank under the Bakong system to receive payments from any other bank. This new payment type enables users to make secure and seamless transactions using their bank app.

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How to Pay with the Wing Bank App

1. In-Store Purchases

  • Open the Wing Bank App and select “QR Scan”
  • Scan the merchant’s QR code displayed at the POS terminal or on a printed receipt.
  • Confirm the payment with your PIN.
  • Receive an instant confirmation of your payment.

2. Online Shopping

  • At checkout, select “WingPay” as your payment method.
  • Select the account.
  • Confirm the payment with your PIN and receive an immediate notification once the transaction is complete.


  • 1. Where Can You Use WingPay? 

    We are continually expanding our network of WingPay merchants. Always ask for WingPay or Wing KHQR to make cashless payments easily and enjoy exclusive discounts that match your lifestyle.  
  • 2. How to Request Wing KHQR  

    Please visit the nearest Wing Bank branch or call us at 23 999 989, and we will come to your location.  
  • 3. Ready to Get Started?  

    To start using WingPay, download the Wing Bank app and open a Wing Bank account. You can immediately begin enjoying the benefits of WingPay.