Wingmarket has been recognized globally for its innovative contributions to the financial technology space. It received the Product Innovation of the Year Award for 2023 as an Honorable Mention in the Global SME Finance Awards 2023 category. Join us in celebrating a new era of commerce, where every transaction is a step forward in your business journey.

Key benefits

Empowers Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) with seamless access to a comprehensive digital business-to-business marketplace.

Facilitates secure and convenient digital payments, offering inclusive supply chain financing services through Wing Bank.


Digital Order Traking

Secure and Convenient Digital Payments

Multi-supplier Access

Interaction with Third-party Delivery Services

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Financing Services

Flexible Price Setup

Employee and User Management for Multi-branches.

How it works?

Wingmarket simplifies the procurement process by enabling customers to place orders to business partners (suppliers) anytime, anywhere, without added commission. Payments and orders can be made through Wing Bank accounts and the Wing KHQR system, streamlining transactions and ensuring transparency.

How to use Wingmarket app

Sign up for Wingmarket account.

Browse products or services and place orders.

Make secure payments via Wing Bank accounts or KHQR codes.

Access supply chain financing and management tools.

Track orders and manage inventory seamlessly.

Financing through Wingmarket

Indicative Scheme On-trade Partners
Purpose Revolving Short-term Working Capital
Facility Digital & Unsecured Supply Chain Financing
Amount Up to USD50,000.00
Interest Rate 12%
Tenor 3 months revolving
Currency USD
Processing Fee 1%
Commitment Fee Free
Renewal Fee Free
Requirements 12-months historical purchase data

How to apply

To start using Wingmarket, simply sign up for an account on our website or mobile app. For businesses interested in partnership opportunities or supply chain financing, please contact our team for more information