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Welcome to Wing Bank's Oversea Transfer Service​

At Wing Bank, we understand the importance of connecting you with your hard-earned money, whether you're a local resident or a global citizen. Our Oversea Transfer service is designed to make sending and receiving money a seamless experience, connecting Cambodians with loved ones worldwide​

Sending Money Made Effortless

With World Transfer, our customers can effortlessly send money from Cambodia to receiving banks’ partners in 195 countries globally through our extensive network of partners outside Cambodia. The Wing Bank makes this process easy, allowing you to send funds anytime, anywhere, directly from the Wing Bank App via your smartphone or Wing nearby.

Cash Pick Up

Send money to the receiver without a bank account.

Direct to Wallet

Send money to the receiver's wallet account.

Bank Deposit

Send money to the receiver's bank account.

Home delivery

Send money to the receiver's home.

Why Choose Wing Bank's Oversea Transfer?

10+ years of trusted experience in local Cambodia and International.

Diverse Partnerships

Send and receive money from 195 countries with speed, security, and convenience. Choose from over 30 global partners, including Western Union, MoneyGram, Ria, UnionPay, Weixin, Tranglo, Merchantrade Asia, WorldRemit, and more. Opt More ways to send/receive money directly to a bank account or cash out at a location of your choice.​

Multiple Cash Out Choices

Receivers can access over 11,000 Wing agents nationwide or utilize Code to Wing on the Wing Bank App for convenient Cash Pickup or can receive money directly into their Wing Bank accounts.

Competitive Costs

Enjoy competitive and flexible money-transfer costs, starting at just $4.

List of IMT Partners and Corridors

We only recommend regulated and secure companies.

Popular countries

Send and Receive money to over 156 countries

Want to send money now?


Kindly contact our World Transfer Support team 24/7 or