Wing Bank is now partnering with FinFan, a leading fintech company in Vietnam, to offer international money transfers to Vietnam. You can send money to Vietnam from your Wing Bank app to all banks in Vietnam.


  • Fast, secure & convenient 
  • Time-saving by transfer via Wing Bank App 
  • Real-time transaction for Cash picks up 

Transfer Amount and Fee Charge 

Mode of transfers

Amount Range

Fee (USD)

Bank Deposit

1.01 - 500 


500.01 - 1,000


1,000.01 - 2,500


Cash Pickup

0.01 - 500 


500.01 - 1,000 


How to use

international Money Transfers phone
  1. Login to the Wing Bank App 
  2. Go to "World Transfer"
  3. Enter receiving country "Vietnam"
  4. Select partner " FinFan "
  5. Select the payout service "Bank Deposit or Cash Pick Up"
  6. Complete all the required information then click "SEND"
  7. Verify the information then click "CONFIRM"
  8. Input your 4 PIN code to complete the transaction.

Conditions and Limitation

  • The sender must have a Wing Bank account.
  • Have a valid ID card.
  • The maximum transfer amount is 5,000 per day.

How can we help you?


  • 1. How much does it cost to send money to Vietnam?

    Here at Wing Bank, we believe that online money transfers should be as affordable as possible. Your fee will always depend on the transfer amount and payment method that you select. Please refer to the table of transfer amounts and fees above.

  • 2. Is it a real-time transaction?

    •  Bank Deposit: No, the fund will be credited on the same day (Working day).
    •  Cash Pick Up: Real-time
  • 3. How much money can I send to Vietnam?

    With Wing Bank, you can send as little as USD 1 and as much as USD 5,000 daily.

  • 4. How many times can I make the transfer to Vietnam via the Wing Bank App?

    You can conduct unlimited transfers in the range of USD 5,000 per day.

  • 5. In What currency could I proceed with the send transaction to Vietnam?

    We provide only VND currency.

  • 6. Could I roll back the transaction if I transferred funds to the wrong account?

    • Bank Deposit: Cannot be refunded if the funds have been credited to the receiver's account.
    • For Cash pickup, funds can be refunded if the transaction is still pending.
  • 7. What is the contact point in case I have any issues?

    Please contact our customer care via 023 999 989 or 012 999 489 for any inquiries.