Introducing SBI Cosmoney Your Reliable Transfer Service from South Korea to Cambodia. With the secure and efficient service, resident in Korea now can send money to the loved ones in Cambodia with ease and convenience. Whether credit funds instantly into the recipient’s Wing Bank account or opt for the convenient pick-up method, SBI Cosmoney and Wing Bank has got you covered.


  • Low transaction fees: SBI transfer fees are cheaper because we do not use the services of an intermediary bank.
  • Faster transfer time: provide real-time remittance service and provide fast money transfer service.
  • Safest technology: SBI provides maximum security and data encryption for a worry-free remittance.

How to Transfer

  • The sender must download SBI Cosmoney mobile app and sign up using your email or phone number, and verify your identity using your ID and bank account.
  • Choose “Cambodia” as your receiving country; then fill in all sender and receiver required information
  • Click SEND MONEY to complete the transaction
  • After your process is completed, you can check your transaction status by clicking [Recent History]; then you will receive a notification by SMS when the remittance is completed.

How to Receive money

    Via Wing Bank app
    • The receiver won't be required to take action; the funds will instantly be credited to their Wing Bank account.

    Note: Customer must have a full-KYC Wing Bank account.

    Via Cash pick up
    • Go to the nearest Wing
    • Bring along the phone and cash pick up 8-digit code

Conditions and Limitation

  • Cash pick up: up to USD 1,000 per transaction and USD 3,000 per day
  • Account to Account: USD 2,500 per transaction and USD 5,000 per day


  • 1. Who is SBI Cosmoney Remittance?

    SBI Cosmoney Remittance is an international money transfer service that provides a safe and secure way to send money from South Korea to Cambodia.  

  • 2. Which methods can I use to send and receive money?

    You can send and receive money through a variety of methods, including: Bank transfers, Cash pickup.

  • 3. How do I remit using cash pickup?

    • Create an account with SBI Cosmoney. • Select the "Cash Pickup" method when you are sending money. • Provide the recipient's Receiver name /Beneficiary Phone Number • Once the money has been sent, the sender will receive an SMS message with 8-digits tracking number. They can then share the code with the receiver in Cambodia to go to any Wing Bank Branches and Wing nationwide and present the tracking number to collect their cash.

  • 4. Is there any fee for the receiver in Cambodia?

    There is no fee for the receiver.

  • 5. What is the fee on the sending side?

    The fee on the sending side is around KRW3,000 to KRW5,000 per transaction for both cash pickup and account deposit.

  • 6. What is the currency that is available on the receiving side?

    The currency that is available on the receiving side is KHR and USD.

  • 7. How many digits are in the Cash Pickup Code from SBI Cosmoney?

    The Cash Pickup Code from SBI Cosmoney is 8 digits long.