Effortless and Secure Money Transfers within a Few Taps!

Sending money from your Wing Bank account to another is faster and more secure than ever. Enjoy the convenience of instantaneous transactions, all at your fingertips, with the Wing Bank App.

Why Choose Wing Bank's Account-to-Account Transfer?

Instant Transfers

Transfer money within seconds, whether it's to your family, friends, or business partners. Experience the speed and ease of transactions with just a few taps on the Wing App.

No Fees

Say goodbye to extra charges! Wing Bank offers Wing-to-Win transfers with zero fees, allowing you to send funds without worrying about additional costs.

Generous Limits

Enjoy the flexibility of transferring up to USD 50,000 per transaction and a daily limit of USD 500,000. Move larger sums effortlessly with our high transaction limits.

How to Transfer Funds

  • Launch the Wing Bank App
  • Tap on "Local Transfer"
  • Select "Wing Bank to Wing Bank"
  • Choose Your Account
  • Enter the Recipient's information, such as Wing Account number, the amount, and transfer purpose
  • Confirm your details and initiate the transfer by simply tapping "Send."


  • 1. Are there any fees charged for transfers?

    No, Wing Bank ensures a fee-free transfer experience, allowing you to enjoy seamless transactions without additional costs.
  • 2. Can I send money to my family or friends overseas?

    Yes, if your family and friends have active Wing Bank apps, you can effortlessly send money abroad and receive funds in return.
  • 3. What is the maximum amount I can transfer per transaction? 

    You can transfer up to USD 50,000 per transaction, with a daily limit of USD 500,000, providing you with the flexibility to manage larger amounts efficiently.