Wing Bank is expanding the international money transfer service with MoneyGram by allowing all customers to transfer money from Cambodia via Wing Bank App or at Wing nearby to family or business partners across the globe with fast, secure, and convenient. The receiver can get money easily with various options.



  • Can send and receive from more than 200 countries & territories worldwide with MoneyGram in around 400,00 locations
  • Can perform on Wing Bank App, branches, and at any Wing agents with the MoneyGram logo with fast, secure, and convenient
  • Sender can choose to transfer with service types such as cash pick up, bank deposit, and home delivery
  • The receivers either choose to receive instantly to the Wing Bank account, Code to Wing function on Wing Bank App, and cash out at Wing agents with the MoneyGram logo at more than 5,000 locations
  • Instant and real-time transactions
  • No extra fee charge for receivers

How to Send money

How to make funds transfer via the Wing Bank app

To send money abroad via MoneyGram on the Wing Bank App, please follow the below steps:

international Money Transfers phone
  1. Go to the Wing Bank app
  2. Tap on "World Transfer"
  3. Select the country and Choose partner "MoneyGram"
  4. Fill in all required information
  5. Tap "Confirm" to verify the amount transfer
  6. Input 4-digit PIN code to complete the transactions
Wing Agent

To send money abroad via MoneyGram at Wing agent, please follow the below steps:

  1. Visit any nearby Wing agents with MoneyGram’s logo
  2. Bring along with your Wing Account. Customers must have a Standard Wing Bank Account to be able to transfer
  3. Complete other necessary information on the form provided by Wing agents
  4. Confirm and input your PIN on POS machine provided by Wing agents to complete the transaction
  5. Wing agents will give you the receipt of the transaction which contains the reference code for receive to cash out
international Money Transfers phone

How to Receive money

    Via Wing Bank app

    The receiver in Cambodia can easily get money into the Wing Bank account or by using the 8-digit code on Code to Wing function. Click here to see detail on how to use MoneyGram Code to Wing

    • The receiver won't be required to take action; the funds will instantly be credited to their Wing Bank account.

    Note: Customer must have a full-KYC Wing Bank account.

    Via Cash pick up (Wing Agent)

    The receiver can pick up their money at any agent nearby by bringing along the required document below:

    • National Identification/Passport/driving license
    • Receiver’s name (should match with the sender’s input information)
    • Bring along with mobile phone and the cash pickup 8 digit code