Sending financial support to your loved ones in Cambodia has reached new heights of simplicity with the Wing Wei Luy feature in the Wing Bank App. Say goodbye to complex transactions and hello to a seamless experience. Wing Wei Luy allows you to effortlessly transfer funds from your Wing account to anyone using their phone number. Your recipient can withdraw the money in either Khmer riel or US dollars at any of our 15,000 Wing locations nationwide, making it convenient, secure, and accessible, no matter where they are in the country.

Why Choose Wing Weiluy?

Wing Wei Luy redefines the art of money transfers, making it a breeze for you and your recipients. Our user-friendly Wing Bank App ensures a smooth journey in sending money to your family and friends. Here's how:

How to Transfer via the Wing Bank App

  • Launch the Wing Bank App
  • Tap on "Local Bank Transfer"
  • Select "Wing Weiluy"
  • Select your Wing Bank account and enter the recipient's phone number
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer and select "Send"
  • Once the transfer is successful, you will receive an 8-digit code that you can give to the recipient to withdraw the money.


The maximum transfer amount is up to USD 1,000 per transaction and with no limit transaction.


Amount Fee charged (USD)
0.1 - 25 0.375
25.01 - 50 0.75
50.01 - 100 1.00
100.01 - 200 1.50
200.01 - 500 1.50
500.01 - 1,000 2.50
Amount Fee charged (KHR)
500 - 100,000 1,500
100,100 - 200,000 3,000
200,100 - 400,000 4,000
400,100 - 800,000 6,000
800,100 - 2,000,000 6,000
2,000,100 - 4,000,000 10,000


  • 1. What is the maximum amount I can transfer per day? 

    You can transfer up to USD 1,000 per transaction with no limit transaction. 
  • 2. How much is the fee charged per transaction?  

    The fee charge is based on the amount of money you transfer per transaction; please refer to the table of fees charged above.
  • 3. How do I reverse money back if I send it to the wrong phone number?   

    You can reverse the money if the recipient does not yet withdraw your money, but Wing will not refund your fee. Please contact 012 999 489 for the reverse process.