Wing Bank has been licensed as a securities settlement agent accredited by the Cambodia Securities Exchange to provide securities services to clients who are investors, securities companies, and the Cambodia Securities Exchange for transferring money into trading accounts and settlement on securities trading transactions.

In addition, Wing Bank also provides services in the field of derivatives to keep customers' cash in order to trade and settle transactions related to derivatives trading.



Investors can come to make deposit or withdrawal transactions at all Wing Bank branches nationwide, which is more convenient, less time consuming and saves time.



  • Clients must have a trading account with a securities company (Royal Group Securities Plc.).
  • Clients must have a trading account with a derivatives broker.
  • Clients with Wing Bank account are given priority.
  • Clients can withdraw or deposit money only at Wing Bank branches.

For more information, please visit any Wing Bank branch nearest to you.


  • 1. Can I withdraw or deposit money into a trading account at Wing Agent?

    You can withdraw or deposit money only at Wing Bank branches

  • 2. Can I open or close a trading account at Wing Bank branch?

    No.You can open or close trading accounts with securities firms or derivatives brokers.

  • 3. How much currency does the trading account have?

    The trading account has two currencies: Khmer Riel and US Dollar.  However, the Cambodia Securities Exchange Company offers only Khmer Riel currency trades.

  • 4. Is there a charge for withdrawal or deposit?

    All deposit or withdrawal transactions for trading accounts are free of charge.