Introducing Wing Bank's Current Account! The account is designed to provide a personalized user experience, allowing you to take full control of your finances. You can enjoy easy access to your funds, make deposits and withdrawals without any hassle and navigate through your transactions with our user-friendly Wing Bank App.  


  • No minimum deposit is required. 
  • An unlimited number of deposits and withdrawals. 
  • Access to account quickly on the Wing Bank app. 
  • Making purchases online or offline with ease. 
  • Conduct cash withdrawals at ATMs. 



Be at least 18-year-old. 

Resident or Non-resident. 

Have a valid National ID card or Passport. 

Other supporting documents including, Family book, resident letter from the authority. 

Account conditions 

No minimum deposit. 

No minimum ongoing balance. 

Cash Deposit / Withdrawal amount 


Monthly Fee


Digital Account Statements (Via Wing Bank App)


Daily transfer   


Cheque book 

USD 5 / Book 

Early account closure (Less than 6 months)


Yearly Account Dormancy Fee




How to apply 

To open a Current Account, simply visit one of our branches with your identification documents. Or self-opening, by downloading the Wing Bank app, and follow the account opening construction process.  


  • 1. What is a current account?

    The current account is a noninterest rate account that allows you to deposit/withdraw Cash and use cheques safely.  

  • 2. How many current accounts can I open? 

    You can open up to 8 accounts.   

  • 3. How can I open a current account?

    You can open a current account via the Wing Bank app or any wing bank branch. 

  • 4. What is the minimum balance on the account opening?

    There is no minimum balance.  

  • 5. How much is the interest rate provided for a current account?

    Interest rate not applicable to the current account.  

  • 6. How can I close my account?

    To close your account, please visit the nearest Wing bank branches.  

  • 7. What are available currencies for a current account? 

    Two currencies are available USD & KHR.  

  • 8. Can I open a current account for my business? 

    Yes, you can. To open an account for your business, please visit our nearest Wing bank branches.  

  • 9. Where can I deposit money into my current account? 

    You can deposit at any wing bank branch/agent or perform the local transfer via Wing to Wing, Bakong transfer, and Cash in via KHQR