Saving for your aspirations isn't a task; it's a commitment, a pathway to unlocking happiness and fulfillment. Whether it's a dream vehicle, a home, travel, a wedding, or your college fees, Save for Goal is your partner to realize these dreams faster.
Why Choose Save for Goal?
At Wing Bank, we present a unique savings account that empowers you to save individually or as a group of up to 10 members, pooling your efforts in a single account. 


Accelerated Growth

Your money grows faster with a high interest rate.

Earn extra interest

When you achieve your savings goal and Re-purpose continue saving with a new goal.


Enjoy flexible deposit options tailored to your needs.

Individual or Group Savings

Save alone or team up to 10 people.

Track Progress

Monitor your savings and manage your account conveniently through the Wing Bank app.

Quick & Convenience:

You can open and close Save for Goal account by yourself through the wing bank app.

Features of Save for Goal Account vs Fixed Deposit Account

Features Save for Goal Term Deposit
Interest payment At maturity Monthly and Maturity
Top up into Save for Goal account
Extra rate (Goal Re-purpose)
Group Saving (up to 10 members)
Account Closure via Wing Bank App
Deposit Certificate

Interest Rates for Save for Goal Accounts (p.a.)

Terms (Months) Interest Rate (KHR & USD)
Save for Goal Goal Re -Purpose
1 3.15% 3.5%
2 3.25% 3.75%
3 3.50% 4.00%
4 3.75% 4.10%
5 4.00% 4.25%
6 4.50% 4.75%
7 4.60% 4.85%
8 4.75% 5.00%
9 5.00% 5.25%
10 5.25% 5.50%
11 5.50% 5.75%
12-17 6.00% 6.25%
18-23 6.25% 6.50%
24-35 6.50% 6.75%
36-47 7.25% 7.50%
48-59 7.75% 8.00%
From 60 8.75% 9.00%

Conditions & Eligibilities

  • Initial Deposit: As low as USD 5 or KHR 20,000
  • Account Fee: No Fee Charge
  • Interest Payment: At Maturity
  • Deposit Option: Allow Custom date deposit and manual Deposit
    • Daily
    • Weekly, Bi-Weekly
    • Monthly
  • Requirement:
    • Customers need to have a savings account or current account first.
    • All individual customers (Residents & Non-residents) are eligible.
  • Rollover Options:
    • Goal Re-purpose: Both principal and interest rollover to a new Save for Goal Account.
    • Goal Upgrade: Both principal and interest rollover to a new Term Deposit account.
  • Account Opening and Closure: Via Wing Bank app.
  • Withholding Tax:
    • Resident: 6%
    • Non-Resident: 14%

Simple way to open a Save for Goal account via Wing Bank App

What are you waiting for?

Start saving today to grow your savings and reach your goals faster. Apply via the Wing Bank App in minutes. We are here to help you achieve your financial goals.
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  • 1. What is a Save for Goal account?

    A Save for Goal account is a savings account that enables customers to set specific saving targets, including the target amount, item, and period (term). Customers can make deposits into the Save for Goal account as custom date and manual deposit. Additionally, customers have the flexibility to save individually or as part of a group.
  • 2. Is Save for Goal the same as a Term Deposit account?

    Save for Goal is similar to a Term Deposit but operates as a recurring Term Deposit. Customers can deposit money daily, weekly, or monthly with terms ranging from 1 to 60 months. It allows customers to set specific goals, track their progress, and offers special incentives.

  • 3. If I close my Save for Goal account before maturity, will I still receive interest?

    Interest is not accrued if the account is closed within the first month. For closures after one month, you will get the interest rate of 3%.
  • 4. How many times can I deposit into a Save for Goal account per month?

    There is no limitation; customers can deposit funds as frequently as needed. The more you make the deposit, the more interest earned.
  • 5. How can I deposit money into my account?

    You can cash into your account via:
    • Received money from other banks via KHQR
    • Transfer Wing to Wing
    • Cash –In Machine and Counter at all Wing Bank Branches
    • At all Wing Agents and Master Agent
  • 6. Where can I open a Save for Goal account?

    Save for Goal accounts can be opened exclusively through the Wing Bank app.
  • 7. How many currencies are available for Save for Goal?

    Save for Goal accounts support two currencies: USD and KHR.
  • 8. How is the interest rate calculated?

    Interest is accrued daily and paid out at the end of the term.
  • 9. How many Save for Goal accounts can I open?

    Customers can open up to 5 Save for Goal accounts.
  • 10. Can I withdraw money from my Save for Goal account?

    Withdrawals are allowed upon account maturity or at the time of account closure.
  • 11. How can I close my Save for Goal account?

    Below are few simple steps to close Save for Goa account:
    • Launch the wing bank app
    • Click on “My Account”
    • Click on “Save for Goal account”
    • Click on the "Settings" button
    • Click "Goal Abandon"
    • Input the reason of account closing
    • Enter PIN code
    • Your account has been successfully closed.
  • 12. Is there a fee for missed/late deposits?

    No, there is no fee charged for missed or late deposits.
  • 13. Do I still get the interest i didn't achieve my goal plan and close account?

    Yes, you still can get a regular saving account interest rate 3%.