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Paying bills is effortless when you use your Wing account! Simply open the Wing Money app and choose from a wide selection of merchants. From utilities like internet, electricity, and water bills to credit card payments, having a Wing account means you won't need to line up over and over just to pay your monthly dues.


Payment Gateway for Your Business

Whether you're running a private business or a corporation, you can provide customers with a convenient way to pay, courtesy of Wing! Many people still choose to transact over the counter, and still more don't even have bank accounts. With Wing, your customers can pay at any of almost 8,000 Wing Cash Xpress all over Cambodia! Paying through Wing agents is fast, convenient, and safe. Make it easy for your customers to do business with you by using Wing as your payment gateway!

Why partner with Wing for your business needs:

  1. Wing is the trusted mobile bank and payments service provider in Cambodia
  2. Wing Cash Xpress agents are located all over Cambodia, operating 7 days a week to serve your needs
  3. Wing enables a fast and secured payment for both mobile phone and OTC (Over the Counter)
  4. Wing gives real time SMS notification for successful payment
  5. Wing provides real time reporting to business partner

Payment Partners