Cash Out by Card

Withdrawing cash from your Wing account is never troublesome!

Whenever you need cash, you only need to visit one of our almost 11,000 Wing Cash Xpress outlets all over Cambodia. Our agent will assist you in getting your cash fast.
More importantly, each transaction is guaranteed secure. You'll need your PIN code to get your money, and that ensures that nobody withdraws from your account apart from yourself. At the end of the transaction, you'll also be notified via SMS.

How to withdraw money at a Wing Cash Xpress:

  1. Bring Wing card to Wing Cash Xpress outlets
  2. Tell Wing Cash Xpress you want to withdraw cash from your Wing account
  3. Tell the amount (USD/KHR) you want to withdraw
  4. Give Wing Card to Wing Cash Xpress
  5. Enter your “PIN” on the POS terminal/Wing Cash Xpress phone
  6. Get receipt and cash from Wing Cash Xpress
  7. Check the cash
  8. An SMS will be sent to your phone for transaction confirmation

At almost 11,000 Wing Cash Xpress outlets nationwide

Cash Out by QR

Improve the way you cash out from your account. For your added security and convenience, you can now cash-out from your account by scanning a QR code. No card needed, and withdraw your money instantly.

How to cash out by QR

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Cash Out