About Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc:

Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc – the bank for every Cambodian – is driven by the vision to provide every Cambodian with convenient access to financial services relevant to, and for the improvement of their daily lives.

Wing Bank has revolutionized the way Cambodians access financial services by introducing instant, secure, and convenient Mobile Financial Services since 18 August 2008.

Today, Wing Bank serves the entire Cambodian population with 100% coverage of the districts in Cambodia thanks to the innovative Wing Bank App, over 10,000 Wing Cash Xpress agents, over 55,000 merchants, and partnerships with industry giants such as Mastercard, MoneyGram, UnionPay, AliPay, WeChat Pay, Western Union, Visa, and Ria.

Wing Bank provides an array of advanced financial products both for individual and corporate customers. These include loans, deposits, micro savings, credit referral services, money transfers, utility and insurance payments, supply chain payments, payroll services and even phone top-ups. In addition, Wing offers retail payments via “WingPay”, and has also introduced the “WingMall” e-commerce platform.

Both small and large companies alike are now using Wing’s payroll and disbursement services, speeding up their payments. Over 80% of Wing’s agents and 50% of customers are women, making Wing a shining example of gender inclusion in the region.

Wing Bank is committed to providing financial, gender and digital inclusion to the unbanked and the under-banked, allowing every Cambodian to enjoy convenience and security when it comes to financial services.



To provide every Cambodian with convenient access to mobile financial services relevant to, and for the improvement of, their daily lives.



    To engage and understand customer needs, provide best-in-class products and services and to be responsive and quick in resolving queries.
    To provide a progressive work culture, where career aspirations can be realized through consistent performance and demonstration of the bank`s core values.

    To deliver robust and cost-effective mobile money services that promote financial inclusion, catalyze growth and reduce social inequalities.

    To demonstrate strong corporate governance standards that protect and balance shareholder interests in the journey to achieving short and long term business goals.

Core Values

  • Winning
    Our passion to succeed underpins our approach on how we do business. We do this with a “Can Do” mindset, high Integrity and accountability. The commitment to provide a quality service to our customers, the need to perform and get ahead keeps us focused on what’s important to our customers and partners.’
  • Innovation
    We believe in continuous improvement through the application of better solutions and meeting new requirements through technology. Here at Wing, we make sure that our products and services provide meaningful impact and convenience, and creates value to the daily lives of the people and community.
  • Nurturing
    We care for and protect our employees, customers, and partners while they grow with us. We help create an environment where everyone can think big, inspire and be inspired, and be motivated to contribute to the business. At the same time we deliver our very best to build a long-term, healthy relationship to our stakeholders, customers and to the community.
  • Growth
    In everything we do we always aim higher, from the development of our brand to growing new products and services. We believe in a long-term growth and sustainable value creation. We do this by having our customer, community and the country in mind.