Donate 4,000 Riels or more to make Cambodia Mine Free

July 17, 2023

Wing Bank, in collaboration with the Malaysian Business Chamber Cambodia (MBCC) and Khmer Times, is launching a fundraising campaign to support the Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority (CMAA) in their mission to make Cambodia a landmine-free nation by 2025.

According to the Mine Authority, from January 1979 to May 2023, there have been 65,024 casualties caused by explosives, including 19,820 deaths, 36,120 injuries, and 9,084 cases of paralysis.

As of 2023, Cambodia has a population of over 16 million, and there are still 563 square kilometres of land that have not been cleared of mines, posing a threat to people’s land usage. To clear these mines, Cambodia requires more than $138 million.

Through this campaign, we hope that the donations from philanthropists will support CMAA in ensuring the safety of the land for the people.