About WingB2B

WingB2B is a one-stop business solution with an efficient way to collect your payments from your business partners or to pay them back easily and hassle-free. With WingB2B you can also improve your business performance by effortlessly managing in and out cash flow, reporting business transactions, settling payments, paying bills, i.e. Utilities, NSSF, ISP, WingPay etc.

Collect payments with ease. Set yourself free from the hassle of payment collections with WingB2B. Your sale crews, drivers, or sales agents can collect your payments for you without the need to carry physical cash. They will have a Wing Account code that your partners or depots can scan to pay via the unique code. After they pay via the QR scan code, the payment will go directly to your main account. It is fast, secure, and convenient.


  • WingB2B Account With many features for the WingB2B account, you can manage your business transactions with ease and efficiency.
  • Payment and Settlement An automated and secure way of payment or settlement will enable your business to operate on a higher level of performance.
  • Business Fund Acceptance and Collection The effective way to collect your business funds from your business partners and customers.
  • WingB2B Web Portal Manage your business transactions with an intuitive WingB2B Web portal and view the reports anywhere and anytime.


With WingB2B, you can do any online transactions via your computer, smartphone or feature phone, or at nearly 10,000 Wing agents nationwide quickly, securely, and conveniently.

Your business partners can also pay you directly through their Wing Account, or by visiting one of our Wing agents. You will be alerted whenever you make or receive a payment.


Validity: Now

Term and Condition:

  • You own a legal business in Cambodia
  • Other terms and conditions applied

Frequent Asked Questions:


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