Travel for Free with City Bus Card & Wing Card

July 9, 2018

Phnom Penh – July 09, 2018: Phnom Penh residents can now enjoy an unlimited free ride on any city buses from now until July 31, 2018. Such promotion is available only for customers paying the travel fare through either City Bus or Wing card.

The promotion marks another Wing’s effort in revolutionizing public transportation system in the city after officially launching the first cashless travel card three weeks ago. City Bus card enables passengers to use local bus services with just the tap of a card on an electronic machine installed on the 155 city buses.

Wing Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jojo Malolos said the promotion will enable passengers to travel further at a lower cost, encourage the spirit of using public transportation, and provide a hassle-free travel experience.

“It is pretty sure a burden for many passengers when it comes to preparing small changes prior to the travel. With the City Bus card, all you need is just a card and you are ready to go from the city centre and visit your relatives residing in the suburb areas and so much more,” Mr. Malolos said, adding that the new promotion is just the first among many upcoming offers for City Bus and Wing customers.

Phnom Penh City Bus cards, all powered by Wing, are available in two options. Blue card is for student, the elderly, monk, factory worker, people with disability, and kids below 1 metre height, offering 180 free rides per top up. Blue card is 1$ in price and users can top up for more free rides at any of city bus station. Green card is meant for general customers. Green card is 2.5$ in price including 1.5$ cash for travel and users can top up more cash at any of Wing agents.

In addition, existing Wing card users can also use their card as City Bus card by just having its NFC activated at the booth located inside city bus stations or at Wing head office. For Wing mobile cardless account users, you can either get a physical Wing card or purchase green City Bus card.

What is interesting about the City Bus card is that, it is also a Wing Account where Wing services like money transfer, phone top-up, bill payment, online payment, and Wing Online Mastercard are available.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your City Bus card now and travel at no limit around Phnom Penh!

For more information, visit https://www.wingmoney.com/en/personal/citybus/