Wing Agents Supporting Their Communities amid the Covid-19 Outbreak

March 30, 2020

As Cambodians face the unprecedented challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, Wing Cash Xpress agents are going above and beyond to help their communities in need.

Ms. Eng Buntha, a Wing agent in Phnom Penh, gave away 300 kilograms of rice in front of her Wing kiosk.

“During this crisis moment, daily wage workers and motor taxi drivers could not earn enough for a living, let alone to buy masks for protection against Covid-19. That’s why I decided to donate some rice today,” she said.

Her generous act led her neighbors to step up and follow suit. They donated hand sanitizer and medical balm and, on March 28 alone, distributed vital supplies to about 100 people.

Ms. Buntha and her neighbors aren’t alone in giving back to the community during the Covid-19 crisis. There’s also Ms. Kong Munipeakdey, a Wing agent in Chhouk Meas Market in the suburbs of Phnom Penh. Not only has she given support to charity organizations during this pandemic, but she’s also been providing free hand sanitizer at her four Wing kiosks. At each kiosk, she gives away around 100 bottles of sanitizer daily.

This kind of generosity goes far beyond the Phnom Penh metropolitan area. At least one Wing agent family in Kampong Speu province recently gave 4 million riel to local authorities supporting their peers in danger of falling into poverty due to the economic effects of Covid-19.

Mr. Yin Lyhak, head of the family, said they “could not ignore the community, especially when it was hit with the outbreak.”. He added “When we have enough to eat, we need to share each other, especially during this tough moment,” he said.

These are just a few stories of Wing Cash Xpress agents across the country doing their part to fight this outbreak. Agents have also been supporting their neighbors in-person and online by sharing important information and social media encouragement. There are more than 7,500 Wing Cash Xpress agents in Cambodia, nearly 80% of whom are women and stay-at-home mothers. They are helping their families while providing essential financial services to their surrounding community.

Mr. Manu Rajan, CEO of Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank, said he admires these agents and wants to help them aid the people of the Kingdom in this uncertain time.

“Your support does not only matter to your community, but also it inspires others to help more,” said Mr. Manu, urging everyone to stay safe. “I am thankful for your generous contributions and I can say that Wing will join you to do more to protect community.”

Wing in its efforts to help ease the difficulties during these trying times had waived off its fee for Wing Account to Wing Account Money Transfers from Mar 24th. Wing also said it will provide free Life Insurance that covers Covid-19 for its employees and agents apart from the campaigns it has undertaken to spread awareness about the importance of Physical Distancing and safety measures to be taken to stay safe during this crisis. Wing had also launched an interactive Facebook messenger based Chatbot to help all Social Media users to get free and reliable information about Covid-19.

“The most important requirement for our communities today is to stay safe within indoors and still be able to carry out their transactions,” Mr. Manu added. Wing has enabled free shopping on its mobile app through its partner Smile Shop to help customers purchase Masks, Hand Sanitizers, and other Essential Items under the Marketplace on Wing App. Customers can place the order for these items using their Wing Mobile App and these items will be delivered to their door steps. This is apart from the Bill Payments option on Wing Mobile App that helps customers pay their electricity, water, waste collection fees, internet bills, loan repayments, insurance premium payments and Phone Top Up among many other payment options without having to step out of the safety of their homes.