Wing Bank and Skills Development Fund Empower Youth via SabaiCode, Aditi’s Trainings

March 14, 2024

Wing Bank and the Skills Development Fund provide nearly USD 80,000 to SabaiCode and Aditi Academy to train tech skills for Cambodian youths.

Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc and the Skills Development Fund (SDF) have joined forces to empower Cambodian youth with vital tech skills through a collaborative initiative supporting SabaiCode and Aditi Academy. Both Wing Bank and SDF have contributed nearly USD 80,000 to bridge the financial gap for underprivileged students seeking tech education at SabaiCode and Aditi Academy.

“We are excited to join hands with relevant partners to equip Cambodian youths with the tech skills they need to thrive in today’s economy,” said Han Peng Kwang, CEO of Wing Bank. “By investing in tech education, we are not only empowering individuals but also creating a pipeline of skilled talent to fuel Cambodia’s booming tech sector.”

The Skills Development Fund (SDF), under Cambodia’s Ministry of Economy and Finance, has implemented various training projects since its inception in March 2018, contributing to achieving the country’s vision of becoming an Upper Middle-Income Country by 2030 and a High-Income Country by 2050.

“This collaboration provides equal opportunities for all Cambodian youth, regardless of their background. By investing in their tech skills, we are investing in our country’s future,” said Sokkim Ky, CEO of SDF. “We encourage big companies like Wing Bank and others in the private sector to continue their efforts and collaborations. We believe that only by working together will we be able to build a skilled Cambodia.”

SabaiCode offers various tech courses, including the Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp, a targeted program supported by this initiative. This intensive training equips individuals with the necessary skills to become proficient full-stack developers, opening doors to career opportunities with Wing Bank upon successful completion.

“At SabaiCode, we are dedicated to creating educational pathways that empower students with in-demand tech skills. With the support of Wing Bank and SDF, we can make quality tech education accessible to a broader audience, contributing to the country’s digital transformation,” said Sareuon Soum, Director and Co-founder of SabaiCode.

As part of the program, successful graduates from the training courses may be considered for employment opportunities within Wing Bank, offering a pathway for Cambodian youth to enter the workforce with the necessary skills and experience.

ADITI Academy is part of the ecosystem of digital transformation, education, and technology empowerment for girls and women. With almost 10 years of experience in technology education empowerment, and having successfully trained over 5,000 girls in technology and entrepreneurial skills, as well as approximately 1,000 engineers and 500 professionals, including government and company staff.

“ADITI Academy is thrilled to contribute to this initiative as we are committed to the mission of building Cambodia’s technology talent in the region, equipping them with technical skills, strong soft skills, a humanistic approach, and excellent leadership qualities,” said Omouy Heang, CEO of ADITI Academy. “We also aim to establish a Cambodian Tech Talent Hub in the Asia region.”

According to the CDIR research report dated 2021 on the demand for digital skills in Cambodia, it forecasts a 30% annual growth rate for ICT-related jobs, emphasizing the need for skilled professionals in areas like software development, e-marketing, and web development.