Wing Bank Awarded Best Brand Employer

September 25, 2023

Wing Bank’s commitment to employee development and growth was rewarded with the Best Employer Brand Award for the third year.


Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc, one of the fastest-growing digital banks in Cambodia, has once again been honoured as the Best Employer Brand for the third consecutive year, reaffirming the bank’s strong commitment to its employees.

The prestigious award was announced at the 14th edition of Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards 2023, which took place last month in Singapore.

“At Wing Bank, we foster a culture that values our employees’ contributions and provides them with ample growth opportunities,” said Han Peng Kwang, CEO of Wing Bank. They are the driving force behind Wing Bank’s success, and their dedication and hard work have propelled us to be recognized again as the Best Brand Employer for the third year in a row.”

Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards, organized by the Employer Branding Institute, World HRD Congress, and Star of the Industry Group, celebrates organizations that have excelled in employer branding through effective talent management strategies, development, and innovation.

Wing Bank’s focus on employee development is evident through various initiatives and programs. One such initiative is the Wing Competency Model, which provides essential skills and knowledge. The bank ensures a supportive learning environment with over 2,371 hours invested in online training. Employees also benefit from completing more than 408 LinkedIn Learning courses, enhancing their ability to provide exceptional customer service.

Lao Sheanghai, Chief Human Resources Officer at Wing Bank, emphasized the bank’s commitment to employee development, stating, “We invest in comprehensive training programs and continuous learning opportunities to empower our team members to excel in their roles and drive their professional growth.”

“We prioritize open communication and create a supportive environment where every employee’s voice is heard. This award reinforces our commitment to ensuring our staff feel valued, supported, and motivated,” Sheanghai added.

Wing Bank’s Employee Passport Program offers comprehensive development, including New Employee Orientation (NEO), product knowledge, soft skills, computer courses, and business English. So far, about 40 training courses have been provided through NEO programs.  

Furthermore, Wing Bank actively supports employee well-being and community engagement. In celebration of Valentine’s Day last year, employees of Wing Bank participated in a blood donation campaign, demonstrating their dedication to assisting those in need. Additionally, Wing Bank organized a “Health Fair,” which granted employees access to healthcare programs, including checkups, consultations, and vaccinations, promoting overall wellness.

Wing Bank’s mission revolves around valuing employees as instrumental cornerstones in realizing its vision of providing every Cambodian with secure and affordable access to relevant financial services, thereby enhancing their daily lives. The bank operates from 17 branches and has extensive Wing locations across the Kingdom, employing over 2,500 individuals.