Wing Bank Backs Tech Startup Center to Explore Startup Ecosystem in Vietnam

June 2, 2024

With Wing Bank’s support, the six-day visit enables Tech Startup Center to gain invaluable experiences and build connections, thus improving the startup community in Cambodia.

Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc has supported Techo Startup Center (TSC) in organizing a six-day trip to Vietnam, aimed at exploring the country’s dynamic startup ecosystem.

“Wing Bank is proud to support these initiatives like TSC’s Vietnam Startup Ecosystem Connectivity Visit which help cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit and create a lasting impact on our society,” said Han Peng Kwang, CEO of Wing Bank. “This invaluable connection will undoubtedly empower the Cambodian startups to thrive and succeed in the regional market.”

The visit, which concluded on June 01, 2024, facilitated productive discussions between the teams from TSC and Wing Bank and various stakeholders within Vietnam’s key startup ecosystem. Notable organizations engaged during the visit included the Next Challenge Foundation, National Innovation Center, Business Startup Support Center, Sunwah Innovation Center, ThinkZone Venture, and Zone Startup, among others.

“These interactions have provided us with invaluable insights into the Vietnamese startup landscape,” said Sotheavy Nhoung, a participant from Wing Bank team. Sovanaleang Yat, another participant from Wing Bank, echoed similar sentiments, stating, “This tour has expanded our perspective on the startup ecosystem and provided us with valuable networking opportunities.”

A highlight of the tour was the participation in Tech in Asia’s Saigon Summit, a platform for Vietnamese startups to showcase their innovative products and services. This gave TSC and Wing Bank a firsthand look at the latest technological advancements driving Vietnam’s startup landscape.

“We are excited to bring back the key takeaways and apply them to further foster the startup ecosystem in Cambodia,” said Sok Nam, Startup Operation Manager at TSC.

Wing Bank has demonstrated a steadfast dedication to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. As a committed social contributor, the Bank has been a reliable partner for TSC, supporting various programs including the Reverse Innovation Program 2021, Digital SME Accelerator Program 2021, Digital Platform Accelerator Program 2022, and Digital Platform Accelerator Program Cohort 2 in 2023.

In addition to providing crucial financial support, Wing Bank also actively served as judges during the selection of winners, reaffirming their commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the community.

“TSC is grateful for the support and collaboration with Wing Bank throughout this visit” expressed Sok Nam. “The insights gained, and the connections made will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and success of our startup community in Cambodia.”

This recent visit to Vietnam marks another milestone in Wing Bank’s efforts to support and strengthen the startup ecosystem. By building connections with key ecosystem actors in Vietnam, Wing Bank and TSC aim to leverage these relationships to benefit Cambodian startups, equipping them with the knowledge and resources needed for successful expansion and growth.