Wing Bank Supports Cambodia Festival 2023 in Japan

May 19, 2023

Wing Bank Celebrates Cambodia-Japan Relations and Offers Improved Remittance Services for the Cambodian Expatriate Community.

Wing Bank has participated in the largest festival for the Cambodian community in Japan, a close friend, trade, and investment partner for Cambodia. The festival aimed to strengthen the growing Cambodian community in Japan, and to promote Cambodian culture in “The Land of the Rising Sun”.

As economic and cultural ties between the two countries have grown, the festival is a celebration of bilateral relations and reinforces bonds between the two great nations. The event was a collaboration between the Royal Embassy of Cambodia in Japan, and Cambodia’s Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, Ministry of Commerce, and Ministry of Tourism.

The Cambodia Festival 2023 took place over two days from May 3 to 4, 2023, at Yoyogi Park, the largest park in Tokyo. An estimated 50,000 participants enjoyed the vibrant celebrations, which featured an array of traditional Cambodian dances, foods, and products.

“We are proud to participate in the latest Cambodia Festival in Japan. Our goal is to foster stronger ties between our two nations while promoting and preserving Cambodia’s rich culture abroad,” said Vattanak Phakdey Chhun, Deputy CEO of Wing Bank.

Wing Bank has committed to being a responsible corporate citizen to its customers, both in Cambodia and abroad. Each year, more Cambodians are finding employment opportunities in Japan, and Wing Bank is proud to offer safe and secure remittance services to this growing community,” he added.

During the festival, Wing Bank offered a special promotion for those who registered to open a City Remit Card with City Express. Participants had the chance to win an iPhone 14, with the lucky winner selected towards the end of the festival.

Cambodian residents in Japan play a crucial role in supporting their families through remittances. According to official figures from the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, and as reported by local media, around 20,000 Cambodians were working in Japan as of February 2023. This number is expected to grow in the coming years.

To aid this growing community, Wing Bank has partnered with reputable international money transfer companies in Japan, such as Japan Remit Finance (JRF) Co., Ltd and City Express. Such partnerships provide a variety of fund-transfer options from Japan to Cambodia – and allow overseas Cambodians to send money to their loved ones in an efficient, secure, and cost-effective way.

Residents of Cambodia who are currently living in Japan can easily initiate transfers by visiting any of Wing Bank’s partner branches or counters. They have the option to choose between account-to-account transfers or cash pick-up by using a secure eight-digit code. The money can then be withdrawn by their family members at any Wing location nearby.

City Express offers a convenient way to send money at over 30,000 Japan Post Bank ATMs and 25 City Express counters across Japan. Additionally, customers can use City Express to send up to 250,000 yen to any Wing Bank account, or via Wing network located across Cambodia.

Customers also have the option of sending funds through JRF, another Wing Bank partner, using Japan Post Bank ATMs and JRF counters. JRF has 12 offices located across Japan.

Transfers from Japan to Cambodia can be made instantly to a Wing Bank account with a transfer fee as low as 1000 JPY per transaction. Wing Bank also offers an international money transfer service itself, allowing customers to send money to more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Wing Bank’s involvement in Japan’s biggest Cambodia Festival not only promoted Cambodian culture but also allowed the bank to provide valuable financial services to Cambodian residents in Japan, contributing to its image as the transfer service provider of choice for the Cambodian community.