Wing Bank Wins “Best Employer Brand Award” for Staff Care

September 13, 2022

Wing Bank is recognized for its efforts to improve the well-being and professional development of its staff during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Royal Group of Companies and Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc has been presented the World HRD Congress “Best Employer Brand Award” at the 13th annual ceremony in Singapore, awarded for its unwavering support to employees during 2021.

“Wing Bank’s greatest strength is its employees, and our goal to provide high-quality financial products and services is only possible thanks to their hard work and expertise. We are committed to strengthening initiatives that ensure Wingers enjoy the best times of their careers when working with us,” said Han Peng Kwang, Wing Bank’s CEO.

Wing Bank cares about employee. In 2021, the pandemic affected everyone, and we consistently offered mechanisms to ensure that our employees could serve the community in a safe and efficient manner. Most of our employees are allowed to work from home. Employees are required to work in our offices follow strict health guidelines as advised by the World Health Organization and Cambodia’s Ministry of Health, including taking regular Covid-19 rapid tests.

“We are truly proud of our people, and our way of thanking them is to provide the best possible care in any circumstance. It is great to have our efforts recognized externally, and we now aim to upgrade staff support even further through future initiatives,” said Lao Sheanghai, Chief Human Resources Officer at Wing Bank.

Wing Bank has developed a Wing Competency Model to equip Wing employees with a basic knowledge and a know how to prepare them to perform effectively and efficiently on the job. For all employees, Wing Bank has offered a Wing Employee Passport Program as a development program at individual contributor pipeline. It consists of New Employee Orientation (NEO) Program, in-depth knowledge of product & services, soft skill program, hard skill program, computer program and business English program. So far, we have launched NEO programs, computer program, and online business English program.

Wing Bank as an employer have invested in all of the programs with the aims to build its employees to be a valuable human capital. Wing Bank puts its employees in the front tier in its structure among the four components of its mission which include customer, community, employees, and shareholder. Wing Bank bring employees the motivation through the empowerment to get the job done with their own accountability.

In terms of community building, Wing Bank organizes regular town hall meetings, cultural events, social activities and more, all executed to foster open and two-way communications between management and employees.

In total, Wing Bank invested over 23,065 staff hours to build the capacity of new and tenured staff. All training was performed online to maintain a safe environment. The company also invested in LinkedIn Learning programs that any employee could access to develop their skills. To date, more than 300 courses have been completed by Wing Bank employees.

Finally, Wing Bank actively promotes employee engagement in its various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. These include social and charity events, fundraising drives, as well as environmental, financial literacy and gender empowerment projects. Recent examples include a blood donation drive to help address Cambodia’s blood shortage, food donations for families affected by Covid-19, tree planting ceremonies, as well as fundraising for the Kantha Bopha Hospital and the Angkor Hospital for Children.