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SOHO Club Mastercard powered by Wing

You can use the SOHO Club Mastercard to eat, drink, and shop everywhere that Mastercard is accepted.

All you need is just one card. Experience easy transactions on your shopping sprees and when dining out!

Shop to your heart’s content and treat your loved ones to lunch with just one card.

The best part? You can get exciting discounts, rewards, and perks when you use the SOHO Club Mastercard powered by Wing Bank.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today in selected SOHO stores

To apply, you must have your own valid documents as below

  • National ID Card, or
  • Passport (Valid visa included for foreigner), or
  • Cambodian driver license, or
  • Cambodian employment book, or
  • Government ID Card or Civil Servant Card, or
  • Monk Identity Card + Birth Certificate, or
  • Certified Employee ID Card + One of (Birth Certificate/Family Book/Residence Book), or
  • Identity letter from local authority confirming, Full name, Gender, Date of birth, Place of birth and Address of the customer including photograph. The photograph must be permanence attached and stamped on.

Get your FREE Wing account now at any Wing agent nationwide.

How to get a SOHO CLUB Mastercard

  • Open a Wing account and get a SOHO Club Mastercard at selected SOHO stores.

  • Register your account to the Wing App.

  • Cash in at least $10 to your account.

  • Scan QR code on the manual and complete necessary details.

  • Choose which Wing account to link with your card.

  • Set your Mastercard PIN and Wing PIN.

Get your FREE Wing account now with valid documents and follow these easy steps to instantly use your physical Mastercard


  1. Get yours for FREE at selected SOHO Store*
  2. Download Wing Bank App, then click on “My Account”, after that click on (+) to add new card “Link Wing SOHO Mastercard”.
  3. Cash in at least $10 to your account.
  4. Open kit and Scan QR code on the manual to input the tracking number.
  5. Choose which Wing account to link with your card. Then, click confirm.
  6. Set your Mastercard PIN then input your Wing PIN.
  7. Tap to Pay and have fun with your SOHO Club Mastercard!



Eligible only for full KYC customers who have valid document such as:

  1. National ID Card
  2. Passport (Valid visa included for foreigner)

Visit the nearest Wing Bank to upgrade your account.

How to Renew SOHO CLUB Mastercard

Once your SOHO Club Mastercard becomes grey in the Wing Bank App, it simply means your card is already expired. To renew your card, request a new SOHO Club Physical Mastercard kit at a SOHO Store and follow the steps on How to Apply above:

You can create a new SOHO Club Physical Mastercard by yourself with your current Wing Bank Account on the Wing Bank App. You will get a new Wing physical MasterCard with a new card number.

How to Delete Card Expired

This enhancement is to allow customer to close or delete card or remove card from their account

In case customer confuses to use those deactivate cards for any transaction, declined transaction may occur and charge declined fee to Wing

Therefore, this function “Close Card” to remove the card that stop using from linked account.

Wing SOHO Club Mastercard

Service Fee

Physical Card

Type of Service

Standard (up to 5 card)

Issuance new


Minimum Balance require


Purchasing Amount limit/Day


Cash Withdrawal Limit amount/Day


Duration of Expiry

5 years

Card Annual  Fee


Online Purchase/txn


Transaction Decline at Wing's ATM/txn


Cash withdrawal at Wing's ATM/txn


Card replacement (Exclude annual fee)



* Card Create allow 5 Physical card per unique user either SOHO nor WING Mastercard and eligible for Full KYC user only.

Visit the nearest Wing Bank to upgrade your KYC.

** To activate your card, your Wing account must have a balance of at least $6 to cover the Annual Maintenance Fee (upfront fee)


Type of Service and Fee


Transaction Decline with others bank's ATM/POS/E-Com/txn


Balance Inquiry at others bank's ATM/POS/txn


Cash Withdrawal at others Banks’s ATM/txn

2% of amount withdrawn, min $5
(Depend on acquirer)

Purchase/Cash Withdrawal in non-USD/txn

2.5% for currency conversion