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  • 1. Is there any fee charge for checking the daily exchange rate?

    There is no fee charge for checking daily exchange rate.

  • 2. How to generate payment security code for online payment?

    • Dial: *989#, press send
    • Enter Wing account number, press send
    • Enter 8. “Payment”, press send
    • Enter 4-digit PIN, press send
  • 3. How can I use Wing Online Payment (buy stuff online)?

    • A Wing account is needed
    • Surf Wing partner websites
    • Select products and buy products
    • Choose Wing as payment method
    • Enter Wing account number and payment security code
  • 4. What should I do if I over/under pay an EDC bill?

    • Customers who underpay an EDC bill are required to pay the remaining amount either through Wing or directly at EDC office.
    • For customers who overpay an EDC bill, the overbalance will be carried forward to next payment.
    • Or if customers want to correct a bill transaction, they are required to call our Call Centre before 1pm on the same day.
  • 5. What should I do if I top up my phone and receive a successful SMS notification, but my phone still has no credit?

    Customers are required to contact Wing Care Centre on 023 9999 89. Wing will return the money to their Wing account on the same day.

  • 6. If I send money home, how long will it take to get there?

    As soon as you send the money and receive a confirmation, the money is ready to be withdrawn. If you transfer to another Wing account, the receiver will also receive a message notification on their phone.

  • 7. If I send money from my Wing account to someone with no Wing account, how long will the 8-digit passcode last if the receiver doesn’t cash out the money? What will happen with the amount sent and fee charged?

    If the passcode has not been cashed-out seven days later (by 6am) the money will automatically be rolled back to the sender’s account (excluding service fee charge).

  • 8. If customers wrongly input the recipient’s phone number when they transfer the money, who should they contact?

    Customers are required to contact our dedicated Care Centre on 023 999 989 for transaction correction (excluding fee charge).

  • 9. Can I send money from my Wing account to another Wing account (Wing-2-Wing) with different currencies? How do this work?

    All Wing customers can perform Wing-2-Wing with a different currency. We can recognise through USSD and terminal ticket screen the exchange rate conversion before confirming PIN.

  • 10. How to get a Wing account (Wing card)? How much to open a Wing account?

    Bring your ID card/passport/driving licence to the nearest Wing Cash Xpress outlet or Wing Head Office. Now, you can get your Wing account for FREE.

  • 11. How many Wing accounts can I have?

    Customers can have two Wing accounts. One US Dollar account and the other Riel (Cambodian Currency) account.

  • 12. What are the benefits of a Wing account (Wing card)?

    Wing customers can enjoy many services:

    • Deposit and withdrawal (at any Wing Cash Xpress 5,000 nationwide)
    • Perform transactions such as:
      * Money Transfer
      * Phone top up (all telecom networks)
      * Bill payment (utilities, AEON, Manulife, etc)
      * Online payment (buy something online)
      * Wing Ket Luy (swipe card to make payment at retail shops)
    • Payroll services (all employees can withdraw their salary at any of the 5,000 Wing Cash Xpress outlets nationwide).
    • Get special discount up to 50% with Wing partners
  • 13. How can I withdraw my money from my Wing account (Wing card)?

    You can withdraw your money through 5,000 Wing Cash Xpress nationwide.

  • 14. What happens if I enter my card PIN incorrectly into the ATM?

    If you’ve forgotten your card PIN, press “Cancel” to get your card back. If you enter the wrong PIN three times, the ATM will keep your card. Please contact our Call Centre at 023 999 989 if this happens.

  • 15. What should I do if someone knows my Wing account number or card PIN?

    Call us immediately on 023 999 989. We can immediately stop anyone from using your Wing account and Wing card. We can then arrange for a replacement for your Wing PIN or, in the case of an ATM card PIN, we will direct you to buy a new Wing kit.

  • 16. How do I know if my transaction is successful or not?

    You will receive an SMS notification every time you transact with Wing, confirming that the transaction is successful. If there has been a problem, you will get an error message. In this case, try again or call the Call Centre on 023 999 989.

  • 17. Can I get a receipt for my transaction?

    Yes, an SMS is immediately sent to your registered phone number! You will receive an electronic receipt every time you transact with your Wing account. Moreover, you will also get a receipt when you do any services at Wing agents (WCXs).

  • 18. Can I access my Wing account with my friend’s or family’s mobile phone?

    Yes, you can if your Wing account is not linked with your phone number. However, we highly recommend you to link your Wing account with your phone number/s for safety and security. You can link your Wing account with more than one phone number. If you want to link your Wing account, please contact our Call Centre on 023 999 989.

  • 19. What should I do if my mobile phone is lost or stolen?

    Your money is safe. Please call our Call Centre on 023 999 989 to link your Wing account with a new phone number.

  • 20. What happens if my Wing account is suspended or closed for any reason?

    You will not be able to transact with your Wing account or Wing card. Call us immediately on 023 999 989.

  • 21. Is there daily expense limit on my Wing account?

    Yes, there is limit on the maximum amount you can transact daily. This provides an additional level of security for our customers. If you have any questions regarding this limit please call our Care Centre on 023 999 989.

  • 22. How many ways can I check my balance?

    There are three ways:

    • Via mobile phone:
      • Dial: *989#, press send
      • Enter Wing account number, press send
      • Enter 1. Balance, press send
      • Enter 4-digit PIN, press send
    • Care Centre on 023 999 989
    • Check your up-to-date SMS notification from Wing
  • 23. Any service fee for checking balance?

    It is charged at $ 0.02/100 riel for normal customers.