Running with Wing race

December 17, 2021

Wing Bank Promotes Virtual Exercise to Boost Good Health among its Employees

As a part of its campaign to promote the wellbeing of its employees amid pandemic, the ‘Running with Wing’ race by Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc has come to the final round last weekend.

“I encourage everyone to exercise regularly to maintain their mental and physical health,” said Han Peng Kwang, Wing Bank’s Chief Executive Officer, who also participated in the race. “You can exercise at home, individually or with your family. It is very beneficial and also helps to strengthen the family bonds.”

 Since September 2021, more than 100 runners from Wing Bank were training for the run. They had been virtually guided by the coach to ensure they can achieve their running distance goals. The runners could choose different distance goals—such as the 21 kilometre, 10 kilometre, or 5 kilometre race.

“Running and physical sport are particularly helpful in allaying fears and anxiety, as well as maintaining a healthy body which contributes to a healthy mind, and a stronger immune system,” said Nora Oun, Wing Bank’s Head of Business Human Resources, who led the run race.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the final race was conducted in small groups according to the guidance of the health authority. The employees are encouraged to run with families, or virtually.

“It’s fun to run with my colleagues during the virtual coaching,” said Lyonn In, Head of Retail Credit Risk of Wing Bank. “We feel connected though some of us have to work from home due to the pandemic in the past few months. We have learnt various methods to run for better health and run a further distance.”

Prior to the pandemic, during the time when everyone was allowed to work at the office together, Wing Bank had arranged a weekly Yoga practice among its employees to boost the healthy body and the strong bond among the employees. Some of them are still practicing yoga individually at home.


Since last year, Wing Bank has laid down various mechanisms to ensure that its employees can perform their tasks in a safe and secure manners. Most of the employees have been fully vaccinated and the majority of the physical meetings and gatherings have been transformed into virtual ones.

Photo’s Caption: The Employees of Wing Bank joined a virtual running race to boost good health and strengthen their mutual bond.