Thousands of Wing Agents Trained on Superior Customer Experience

April 5, 2023

Over 4,000 Wing Cash Xpress Agents were trained on customer centricity as part of the continuous customer experience improvement plan at Wing.


Wing organized four series of training sessions for over 4,000 Phnom Penh-based Wing Cash Xpress Agents in one day agenda from February 13th, 14th, 15th, and 19th, 2023, at Hotel Cambodiana to provide essential customer service training to agents in order to enhance the customer experience, as well as strengthen Wing’s relationship with its agents. The tireless efforts of Wing Cash Xpress agents have been instrumental in the rapid growth of Wing over the past 15 years and have helped bring financial services to every province in Cambodia.

Manu Rajan, Division CEO of Wing, stated, “We uphold the vision to provide every Cambodian with convenient access to financial services relevant to, and for the improvement of, their daily lives. Wing has the largest ecosystem in which 11,000 Cash Xpress Agents operate nationwide to provide outstanding financial services to millions of Cambodians in which over 80% of the Wing Cash Express Agents are women, making it an example of how Wing walks the talk when it comes to leading gender inclusion. I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who took part in our remarkable growth and helped accelerate financial inclusion in Cambodia.”

By the number of users, Wing is the most popular financial service provider in the kingdom, allowing people who live in either town or rural communities to conveniently access basic financial services, including money transfer, phone top-up, payment solutions for online shopping, QR payment, loan collection from partnered financial institutions, and many more. Wing Cash Xpress Agents operate all across Cambodia and are open 7 days a week to fulfill customers’ needs.

Srun Chheangsreng, Chief Consumer Business Officer of Wing, stated, “Each of our Wing Cash Xpress Agents has gone through relevant financial knowledge before they served customers. The training we provide at this time will strengthen our bonds with all Wing Cash Xpress Agents and give us the opportunity to introduce innovative new products and services to better serve customers. We will continue to provide various training to our agents to ensure that our customers have a great customer experience with us.


By joining this training, all Wing Cash Xpress Agents will be able to experience another level of customer service provided by experts in the field and take it into use for further customer service improvement to attract and retain more customers. The training will be conducted across Cambodia, and all Wing Cash Xpress Agents will be invited to attend. For the first phase, the events were conducted for agents based in Phnom Penh, but they will soon roll out to all provinces.


Though Wing has gained a big market share and become the most used and trusted financial solution provider in Cambodia, Wing still commits to improving the customer experience and making customers more satisfied with the services of Wing Cash Xpress Agents. Wing will continue to provide continuous training and coaching to its agents to develop skills and services.

Day 13-02-2023

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Day 14-02-2023

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Day 15-02-2023

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Day 19-02-2023

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