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Wing has been awarded a commercial banking license from the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC), and will now operate as a commercial bank under the name “Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc”.

With this license, Wing Bank is authorised to broaden our variety of banking products to all Cambodians, including loans and deposits. These services will complement our existing portfolio of digital and financial services through the extensive network of over 9,300 Wing Cash Xpress agents and the unrivaled Wing Money App.

Since our inception in 2009, Wing has diligently worked to implement the vision of providing every Cambodian with convenient access to relevant mobile financial services that are safe, secure and instant and are designed with an objective to improve the daily lives of Cambodians.

We are creating a bank that will improve the quality of life for Cambodians by offering them better services for their day-to-day financial transactions.

You can download Wing App here

get wing app on Google Play wing app available on AppStore

Banking is now sooo easy

Wing Account Users:

  • 1. What will happen to current users with Wing accounts?

    They still can perform financial transactions as normal.

  • 2. If user forgets PIN or his/her Wing’s account is blocked, what should s/he do?

  • 3. What will happen to the balance in my Wing account?

    Nothing will happen to the balance in your Wing account.

  • 4. Will I earn interest on the money in my Wing account?

    No, only those users with a registered savings account will earn interest. Savings and term deposit accounts are coming soon.

  • 5. What will happen to my savings account with J Trust Royal Bank via Wing?

    You will still enjoy the same interest rate. There will be no impact to your savings account with J Trust Royal Bank via Wing.

  • 6. Can I still repay my loan to the banking partners of Wing?

    Yes, you can repay your loan to any banking partner of Wing as normal.

  • 7. Can I still request loan from banking partners of Wing?

    Yes. You can request loan from our partners via Wing Money App. Also, you can request loan from Wing Bank when it is available.

  • 8. What type of accounts can user open at Wing bank (Cambodia) Plc?

    Soon we release them.

  • 9. How can users open an account with Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc?

    Users will soon be able to open an account at either the Wing Head office, Wing Cash Xpress outlet, with the Wing Mobile Sales Force, or through the Wing Money App

  • 10. Can customer still open an mWAC account?

    Yes, of course.

  • 11. Can users request a loan at any Wing agent?

    Not yet, though this is coming soon.

  • 12. Can users open a savings account at any Wing agent?

    Not yet, though this is coming soon.

  • 13. Can I still use WingPay for my daily expenses?

    Yes, you can use WingPay as normal.

  • 14. Can users abroad still remit their funds through Wing into Cambodia?

    Yes, they can as normal.

  • 15. Can customer still register for a normal Wing account at Wing Cash Xpress Agents?

    Yes. They can register for Wing accounts as normal. Savings and deposit accounts are coming soon.

  • 16. Do you require the same Know Your Customer (KYC) documents to register for an account?

    Yes. You must submit the same KYC documents. In some cases, we may ask you for more documents.

  • 17. Can customer still use one KYC documents to register 8 Wing accounts?

    Yes, of course.

  • 18. Are saving & term deposit account will be counted in the 8 account limitation per KYC ?

    Saving account will be counted. However, term deposit account will not be counted. Customer can have many term deposit as they want

  • 19. Will there be any change in the service fees for cash-in or cash-out services?

    No, there will be no change to the service fees for cash-in or cash-out services.

  • 20. Will there be any change to the maximum amount a user can transfer per transaction?

    No, it remains the same.

  • 21. Will users be charged for fund transfers between Wing accounts?

    No. Wing offers free Wing to Wing (W2W) fund transfer.

  • 22. Will there be any change to service fee of bill payment, international remittance and others?

    No, it remains the same.

Wing Cash Xpress Agents:

  • 1. What will happen to current Wing agents?

    They will still offer services to customer as normal.

  • 2. Is Wing still recruiting new Wing agents?

  • 3. Can Wing agents offer loans or savings services?

    Not yet, though this is coming soon.

  • 4. Will Wing agents receive interest from their existing accounts?

    No, but they can earn an attractive interest rate when opening a new savings account.

  • 5. Will there be any branch offices of Wing bank?

    We don’t have any branch offices now.

  • 6. Can Wing agent request loan from Wing Bank?

    Yes, of course. They can request once the product is in the market

  • 7. Will there be any additional products & services for the agents?

    Yes. We will let you know soon.

  • 8. How many currencies are available at Wing Bank?

    We still offer the same currencies. Should there be any changes, we will notify to agent and customer.

For further questions regarding Wing, our new license, or our services, you can contact the team at: 855 23 999 989 | 012 999 489.