Real-Time Bill Payment PPSHV Expressway

November 4, 2022

Pay for your travelling fee via PPSHV Expressway with Wing Bank App

You only need a Wing Bank App to pay for travelling fee for PPSHV Expressway in just a few second and instantly credit into your vehicle plate number and enjoy travelling. Your vehicle plate is now your wallet when travelling via PPSHV Expressway


  • Cashless/digital – Customer can pay travelling fee via Expressway using Wing Bank App, no more cash carry needed
  • Time-saving – customers can pay for travelling fee with Wing Bank App anywhere and anytime with just a few click
  • Real-time payment – Balance will be topping up into your vehicle plate immediately

Fees Charge      

Tier Customer Fee
via Wing Bank App via Wing’s Agent
0.01 – 25 USD 0.125 USD 0.25 USD
25.01 – 625 USD 0.25 USD 0.5 USD
625.01 USD 0.1% 0.1%


How to pay for PPSHV Expressway via Wing Bank App

To top up your vehicle plate number on the Wing Bank App, please follow the below steps:

  1. Open Wing Bank App
  2. Go to “Bill Payment”
  3. Select “Others”
  4. Choose partner “PPSHV Expressway Co., Ltd”
  5. Select “Plate Type” and fill in required information
  6. Click on “PAY”
  7. Then click on “CONFIRM”
  8. Input your account 4-digit PIN code to complete the transactions
  9. You will receive a “Successful transaction” pop up