Unlock Your Fortune with Prizes up to 5 Million Riels

Promo Period: Jan 23, 2024 to Jul 31, 2024

January 23, 2024

Want to win big effortlessly?

Join our Facebook group and stand a chance to win incredible prizes, including up to 5 MILLION RIELS!
In this group, you’ll find valuable information about the highly secure international money transfer from Thailand to
Cambodia, connect with fellow members, and share your transfer experiences with one another.

Promotion Period: Today until 31 July 2024


Monthly Prizes

  • Grand prize of 200,000 Riel (6 prizes)
  • Prize of 50,000 Riel (60 prizes)

Additional Prizes

  • 400,000​ Riel 1 prize when members reach 1,000
  • 400,000​ Riel 1 prize when members reach 5,000

Total prize 5 million riel (5,000,000 riel)

Eligibility/ Requirement

Easy! Just become a member of our Facebook group “វីង

Terms and Conditions

  • All customers are eligible to participate (Wing Bank staff excluded).
  • One customer can win only one prize during the promotion period.
  • The lucky draw will be held every month, including: one cash prize of 200,000 Riel and ten cash prizes of 50,000
  • An additional cash prize of 400,000 Riel will be awarded the following month when the group reaches 1,000 and
    5,000 members.
  • Winners will be announced in the group in the second week of each month.
  • Winners must contact Wing Bank’s official Facebook page to claim prizes. Please be informed that there will be
    no call or SMS will be made by the Wing Bank team to the winner.
  • Cash prizes will be credited to the winner’s Wing account within two weeks of sharing account details.
  • Winners who do not contact to Wing Bank within 30 days after their winning announcement will be deemed to have
    waived the right to receive the prize.
  • Wing Bank reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • All Wing Bank Terms and Conditions apply.


  • 1. How do I join the promotion?

    Simply click this link to join our Facebook group.
  • 2. Am I listed in the lucky draw if I’m not from Cambodia?

    Yes, all group members as listed excluding Wing Staff. For prize delivery, please note
    that we will need your winners’ account details, including official name & Wing Bank
    account respectively.

  • 3. What prizes can I win?

    We’ve got an amazing lineup of prizes for you to win! Here’s a breakdown:

    • Cash prize of 200,000 Riel 1 prize every month, a total of 6 prizes
    • Cash prize of 50,000 Riel 10 prizes every month, a total of 60 prizes
    • Additional 1 cash prize of 400,000 Riel when team members reach up to 1,000
    • Another additional 1 cash prize of 400,000 Riel when team members reach up to 5,000
  • 4. How many times can I win the prize in the promotion?

    There is no repeat winner; one winner can win only one prize.
  • 5. When will the winners be announced?

    Winners will be announced every week 2 of each month.
  • 6. How will I know if I’ve won?​

    We will announce the winner on Facebook group “វីង​
    ផ្ទេរប្រាក់ពីថៃមកខ្មែរ (Wing Money Transfer from Thailand to Cambodia)”
  • 7. Will I be contacted by the Wing Bank team If I win a prize?

    Please be informed that there will be no call or SMS will be made by
    the Wing Bank team to the winner. All winners that see your name in the list, must chat with
    Wing Bank’s official Facebook page “Wing Bank”.
  • 7. If I am a Winner, how can I get the cash prize?

    You must share your official name and Wing Bank account information
    including Wing Bank account number and name to the Wing Bank team via the “Wing Bank”
    official Facebook Page messenger. The cash prize will be credited in 2 weeks after your bank
    account info is shared.
  • 7. I have another question that’s not listed here.

    Please contact our customer service support via 023 999 989 or chat
    with us via Wing Chat, Wing Bank Facebook Messenger, or message 078 999 489 on Whatsapp for
    more info.