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Give love today with
Wing Ang Pao

Experience a modern way of giving a red packet! Wing introduces you to the newest feature everyone will surely enjoy using - the Wing Ang Pao. You can easily give digital red packets to friends and families without even leaving your seat. Give love, Give Wing Ang Pao now!

What Sets Wing Ang Pao Apart?

  • A modern way to give your cash gifts to loved ones in any occasion.
  • Send digital red packets individually or by group.

How the Wing Ang Pao Works

  1. Install Wing Money App and register your App user with Wing account.
  2. Select Red Packet function.
  3. Select Individual or Group.
  4. Select your Wing account.
  5. Enter recipient Wing account or Phone number.
  6. Enter the amount of money you wish to gift.
  7. Confirm transaction and proceed with PIN entry.

Wing Ang Pao Requirements

  1. Wing Account (Full KYC)
  2. Wing Money App