Wing and Smile Shop Partner to Make eCommerce inside Wing App Possible

April 17, 2020

Now the customers of Wing Money App can purchase goods of their daily need on Smartphone in a convenient, secure, and instant manner.

Phnom Penh, 10 April 2020— Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank and Smile Shop, a leading Amazon-like e-commerce platform, are partnering to ensure everyone in Cambodia can buy the goods they need from the comfort of home amid the outbreak of Covid-19 using a Wing App.

Under this partnership, customers can now order from Smile Shop on the Wing Money App with just a few clicks on their smartphones. Their purchases will then be delivered straight to their doorstep.

“We believe this partnership will give Cambodians easy access and convenience to Online Shopping using a Wing Money App” said Manu Rajan, CEO of Wing. “This partnership lets everyone shop worry-free on Smile Shop using the Wing Money App with the convenient, secure, and instant payment system of Wing. Customers don’t have to visit physical stores during this unprecedented pandemic to buy their favorite items and neither do they have to use physical cash.”

Smile Shop launched in Cambodia in October 2018 and follows in the e-commerce footsteps of Amazon, and AliExpress. Just two years later, Smile Shop is now a one-stop online platform offering a wide array of products, from groceries and cosmetics, to books, appliances and consumer electronics. Smile shop integrated itself inside the Wing Money App in Mar 2020 to make it easier for Wing customers to buy items online using their Wing Account.

Buying these goods with the Wing Money App is easy and doesn’t cost shoppers anything in extra fees. Customers simply go to the existing Wing Money App, click on “Online Shop”, and then “Smile Shop”. Then, they can browse the virtual store of more than 1,000 items and purchase with ease. To roll out the partnership, customers using the Wing Money App can get many exclusive deals right now, including free delivery for any order over $20. “We are delighted that both Wing and Smile Shop could join in this partnership today,” said Jack Lee, CEO of Smile Shop. “This comes at just the right time when e-commerce and digital payment gateway systems are blooming in Cambodia. Together, we are giving Cambodians more options for shopping than ever before.”

Wing and Smile Shop share a vision of using new technology to improve daily life of Cambodians. Wing has built its brand as a convenient, secure and instant money transfer service through its top-notch Wing Money App and national network of professional Wing Cash Xpress Agents. Meanwhile, Smile Shop is recognized for offering quality-assured products and fast delivery service. Together, these digital companies can help bring the future of e-Commerce to Cambodia.