About Me:

I am a daughter of a family who runs business in Kampot province. My parents sell the groceries at home to support my education at the university.

About Sreyem Kim

After high school graduation, about half of my friends did not pursue their education to the university. Unlike them, I have a bigger dream therefore, I pursue bachelor degree in English Literature at Pannhasastra University and Finance at Asia Euro University. Currently, I have been at Wing for two months working as an intern in the field of customer experience apprentice.

My Passion:

I grow my interest in reading after seeing that the majority of successful people read book. Reading make you see the world differently through the feeling engraved within the mindset of the author and shown via their writing. Such passion has partly contributed to my career at Wing- I learn to understand the feeling of the customers through the message they sent to Wing’s social media page. When they get angry, it is better we take one step backward and try to understand their feelings before replying them. I also enjoyed meeting new people since we can share different experiences, it helped me to reduce my shyness as I meet new people.

My Opportunity

Even though I am currently studying in the university, Wing has provided me a real-life working experience under a great supervision from full-time Wing staff. Such support serves as a light shining on my vision of becoming an employee working in the banking sector in Phnom Penh. I hope that this internship opportunity will equip me the right skills ready by the time I graduate from the university.

About Wing

Wing is a workplace where the staff is put at the right working environment and input with the right life skill. In my case, I like meeting new people; therefore, Wing puts me in a position where I can meet with new customers every day and that also help me to become a brave person. At Wing, you receive a good working benefits even though I am in an internship position. Wing is well known both as a specialized bank and a great place to work.

My Advice

Your future lies on you. In the case that you face any challenges which forcing you to quit your study, please rethink again. Sometimes, you do not have to quit school in order to work and earn an experience – you can do both at the same time as me. You may not see its result for now, but I am sure you will see it in the near future.