Cambodians! Together, We Will Come Out of These Difficult Times!

April 20, 2020

Cambodia and many other countries around the globe are experiencing a serious crisis, triggered by the novel COVID-19 pandemic. It is not just a health crisis anymore. It is rapidly imploding into a social, economic and business crisis.

Amid this crisis, as responsible corporate citizens, we need to be mindful not just about our own safety and health, but should also watch out for a needy neighbor and a suffering country man, and join together to do our part to fight the pandemic as well as support our community to come out of this tough time together.

Due to the fear of the infection, people are limiting their movements and putting themselves up at home. Some businesses are currently facing serious crisis leading them to close down temporarily. Many people are worrying about their financial status. Among all, the families of Tuk-Tuk Drivers and Tour Guides are one of the most vulnerable to this economic downfall while people need no more ride hailing services and the number of tourists visit our country is down to almost zero now.

In Phnom Penh alone, approximately, there are over 50,000 people driving Tuk-Tuk to fetch their main source of income. According to the Tuk-Tuk association in Cambodia, normally each driver can earn up to USD15 daily; however, after the pandemic, each is making only around USD2 a day. Also, some of them need to repay their bank loan facilities obtained to buy their vehicles.

According the Department of Tourism in Siem Reap, approximately 3,000 of tour guides are affected with the spread of Covid-19 pandemic while the tourism and hospitality service are stagnant now. They make no income from the service.

To support the Royal Government of Cambodia in fighting against the outbreak of Covid-19 and to maintain the sustainability of the Cambodia economy, Wing’s employees and agents have launched an initiative with the idea to support the families of the Tuk-Tuk Drivers and the Tour Guides to get them through these trying times nationwide. Throughout this initiative, each family is expected to receive financial reliefs every month for to fulfill basic needs in their households.

In the light of the unprecedented Covid-19 situation, Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank encourages everyone to contribute to this initiative or support it by joining hands with Wing. Your kind support does not only matter to our community, but also inspires others to help more to protect our community. No matter what challenges the world throw at us, we’re stronger when we work together.

You can support community members in need by making a financial donation to the Wing Relief Account. If using the Wing Money Mobile App, the account number is 03210000 for donating KHR and 03310000 for USD. Donors can also contribute with one of 7,500 Wing Cash Xpress Agents across Cambodia.

For more information about how to join hands with Wing to help support our community, please go to Wing Money App, visit the nearby Wing Xpress Cash agents, or call to 855 23 999 989 | 012 999 489.

Stay Safe Cambodia. Stay Strong. We will come out of these difficult times together.