Outdoor Camping Adventure for Students with Wing

November 6, 2017

Most students are used to learning the conventional way at lectures inside classrooms. But more than 200 young people recently swapped the indoors for the great outdoor at the 4th Universal Summer Youth Camp event at two venues in Cambodia.


Wing was taking part in the venture, organized by the Ministry of Education and the Union Youth Federations of Cambodia, for the first time this year.

Held in Kompong Thom and Siem Reap provinces, the event aims to teach students valuable life lessons and learn more about Khmer culture and history, while giving back to the community.

The students, both male and female aged between 17 and 22, stayed in tents during the seven-day camp, where their day started a little earlier than they are used to with a 5.30am wake-up call for exercise and cooking their own breakfasts.

Training sessions were laid on for the students in different topics, including youth leadership and development.

Wing’s interactive classes in entrepreneurship, goal setting and financial literacy – covering everything from budgeting to saving – proved among the most popular.

“Wing gave a good training session and showed me how to save money and set a clear goal for my future,” said one female student who attended.

As Cambodia’s leading mobile banking services provider, Wing believes in financial empowerment for everyone.

“Being financially savvy is a very important life skill,” said Phearan You, Wing’s Marketing Communications Coordinator, who took part in the camp at Kompong Thom from October 23-26.

“For the students we wanted to focus on the reality of life. Some do not know how to use money efficiently, how to budget or balance spending and saving.”

He added: “The whole Universal Summer Youth Camp event is a life lesson for the students to improve their teamwork and get them to step out of their comfort zone and test themselves.”

During the free camp, the students also got involved in community work to improve the lives of local people, helping with tree planning, repairing houses and cleaning temples.