Wing Bank Offers Constant Support in Accelerating Tech Startups in Cambodia

July 7, 2023

Wing Bank offers continuous support to drive the adoption of digital startups and innovation in Cambodia by collaborating with the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Techo Startup Center and Khmer Enterprise.


Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc has demonstrated its commitment to supporting tech startups in Cambodia by collaborating with The Ministry of Economic and Finance and Techo Startup Center since 2021. Wing Bank (Cambodia) Plc also became a Diamond Sponsor of Digital Platform Accelerator Cohort 2, a program that was recently held by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Techo Startup Center, and co-organized by Khmer Enterprise. The program aimed to offer comprehensive business development strategies for emerging digital startups in Cambodia.

Han Peng Kwang, CEO of Wing Bank, expressed enthusiastic support for the Digital Platform Accelerator Cohort 2, stating, “We are delighted to assist tech startups through our support of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Techo Startup Center and Khmer Enterprise. This enables tech startups in Cambodia to be prepared and ready to enter the world of the digital economy.”

“The Digital Platform Accelerator program is an excellent accelerator program for new startups to gain experience and guidance for sustainable business operations and to thrive in the tech world,” he added.

The tech startup scene has undergone a radical change thanks to the Digital Platform Accelerator Program. This program empowers young innovators to grow their ventures and present their novel solutions to relevant stakeholders such as investors, business partners, and customers.

The Digital Platform Accelerator Cohort 2 guides these entrepreneurs and innovators towards the optimal business strategy, supports their progress towards achievement, and equips them with the essential tools and skills, thus enhancing the overall tech business environment in the nation.

H.E. Dr. Taing Nguonly, the Director of Techo Startup Center, said, “We are delighted to host another season of Digital Platform Accelerator Program, and we are thankful to partners and sponsors like Wing Bank who helped make the program possible.”

“We have worked tirelessly to provide tech entrepreneurs full access to our networks and infrastructure, including various business and technical training, one-on-one mentoring with experts throughout the program, and engagement with large group networks, such as alumni, successful entrepreneurs, and professionals in various fields,” he added.

The second cohort of Digital Platform Accelerator Program offered 16 weeks of intensive training and mentoring to all startups from March to June. At the end of the program, ten tech startups were selected to showcase their products and service at the demo day.

The judges decided to award to five groups for their innovative ideas and dedication to accelerating startups in Cambodia. Karpia won the first prize of 40 million KHR, followed by REAN ANN with the second prize of 30 million KHR, and CONSA Tech with the third prize of 20 million KHR. The judges also recognized the potential of two other teams, AET-JAY and STEMUNITY, and gave them the “Honorable Mention” award along with 10 million KHR each.

Wing Bank, an active social contributor, has been an excellent partner to Techo Startup Center and has provided support for various programs such as the Reverse Innovation Program 2021, the Digital SME Accelerator Program 2021, the Digital Platform Accelerator Program 2022, and Digital Platform Accelerator Program Cohort 2 in 2023. In addition to offering sponsorship funds, Wing Bank participated as a judge in the winner selection process.