At Wing Bank, we know that short of working capital is a business obstacle for Wing Agent; that's why we've created a loan product called Wing Digital Loan for you. You can request up to $25,000 and get a loan term of up to six months. Getting the money you need is easy with our loan offer. You don't need to worry about complicated documents or collateral needs. Simply submit your application with just a few clicks, and you'll receive your loan amount instantly.



  • A loan amount of up to $25,000.
  • No collateral requires and is approved/disbursed immediately.
  • It is flexible – take only what agents need at the time which may make it cheaper than a loan.
  • Interest is calculated daily on the loan and can be repaid in a few days.


  • Must be Wing Agents
  • Good CBC record
Loan Amount
    Up to USD 25,000
Loan Term
    Up to 06 months
Interest Rate
    Competitive Rate
Loan Repayment
    Automatic deduction from the Wing Bank account
Repayment Date
    Every end of month


  • 1. What is the loan amount available for Wing Agents?

    Wing Agents can apply for a loan amount of up to $25,000.

  • 2. What is the loan term for the digital loan?

    The loan term is up to 6 months.

  • 3. What documents do I need to provide to apply for the loan?

    No complicated documents or paperwork are required. Our digital loan offer is hassle-free and easy to apply for.

  • 4. Can I apply for the loan online?

    Yes, our digital loan offer is designed to be easily accessible online. You can submit your application with just a few clicks.

  • 5. How long does it take to receive the loan amount?

    Once approved, you can receive your loan instantly.

  • 6. What are the repayment options for the loan?

    We offer flexible repayment options to suit your needs. You can choose a repayment schedule that works best for you.

  • 7. Can I use the loan for any purpose?

    Yes, you can use the loan for any purpose related to your business needs.