Wing Bank is here to help make your migration smoother! Whether you need support during the processing of your document or for any other reason, Wing Bank is ready to lend you a hand. Get up to $5,000 with an acceptable interest rate and flexible repayment method.


Eligibility and document requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • company or guarantee needs.
  • employment permit
  • a valid ID card and passport
  • certificate of residence from the local authority
  • other supporting documents

Loan Conditions:

For migration to Japan
  • Currency: KHR or USD
  • Loan amount: up to USD 5,000
  • Loan terms: up to 24 months

Loan Settlement Conditions:

For migration to Japan

  • Monthly installment: direct debit from Wing Bank account by transfer from Global Money Express (GME), E9Pay, Tranglo, City Express, or JRF Japan
  • Pay just interest for the three months, then pay both principal and interest beginning the fourth month (fixed monthly installments).

Partners for Japan Migrant worker company

No Company Name Contact Number Address
1 ASAKURA ENTRUST CO.,LTD  012 288 429, 017 496 049 AA01, St.99, Phum6, Sankat Boeng Trabaek, Khan Chmakar Mon, Phnom Penh.
2 TAKAYAMA LABOUR SUPPLY CO.,LTD  088 766 8888, 086 618 084 #16Eo-18Eo, Street 25, Thmey Village, Dang Kor Commune, Dang Kor District, Phnom Penh. 
3 CAM HUMAN CAPITAL CO., LTD.  010 943 839,  No,11 St.1928, Bayab village, Songkat Phnom Penh Thmey Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh.
4 JOB ASIA (CAMBODIA) LIMITED  097 793 2222 No.28AEo, Street Krom Ti 4, Sangkat Dangkor, Khan Dangkor, Phnom Penh.
5 Mongkol HR Co.,LTD MONGKOL HR CO.,LTD 096/088 8588589, 096 25 25 259, 090 322 322 No.469AB, St.71BT, Prek Toil Village, Sangkat Steung Meanchey, Khan Mean Chey, Phnom Penh.
6 ROYAL MANPOWER (CAMBODIA) CO.,LTD 097 999 9847 No.98AEo-98BEo, St.23, Prakar Village, Sangkat Preysor, Khan Dangkor, Phnom Penh.
7 BIG BI IMEX GROUP CO.,LTD 010 592 225 No.16Eo, St.09, Kok Khleang Village, Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh.


  • 1. What is Migrant Loan?

    Migrant worker loans serve as a beneficial financial solution for individuals venturing to work in Japan, catering to their essential monetary requirements like covering administrative fees, living expenses, and travel costs.
  • 2. What is the Maximum loan limit?

    The loan limit for migrant worker who going to work at Japan is up to $5,000
  • 3. What is the interest rate?

    The interest rate is 16% p.a. or approximately 1.33% p.m.
  • 4. How much for the fee charge?

    The fee charge is 6% of total loan amount
  • 5. What is the maximum loan period?

    The maximum loan term for Migrant worker going to work at Japan is 24 months
  • 6. How is the payment method?

    "For Migrant worker going to work at Japan, First 3 month pay only interest, started month 4th onward, the payment method would be Equal Monthly Installment (EMI)"

  • 7. Is there any penalty for early settlement?

    Yes, if customer settle the loan during first 6 months, bank charged 3% of outstanding principle as penalty fee.
  • 8. Does this loan service require collateral or guarantor?

    No collateral required but require a guarantor
  • 9. Will Wing Bank check CBC for my loan application?

    To comply with regulation, Wing will check CBC on your loan application. You have to consent for CBC checking before submitting loan application.
  • 10. How can I apply loan ?

    Customer can contact to the agency they are working with to ask for loan application and submit the documents.
  • 11. What all documents are required to apply for the loan?

    For worker going to work at Japan the documents required are: 

    • Employment Letter from employer or Offer Letter from Ministry of Labor
    • National ID card and Passport (Borrower)
    • National ID card or Passport (Guarantor)
    • Current Residential Confirmation Letter approved by local authority (Both Borrower and Guarantor)
    • Visa - Air Ticket (Optional)
    • Loan Application (provide by agency) 
  • 12. How long does it take to receive the approval of the loan?

    After wing Bank collect all required documents and Wing will provide the result of the loan request after 3 to 7 days of working day.
  • 13. How is the loan to be disbursed?

    After customer got loan approval notification, customer can login into Wing Bank App to request for loan and will be disburse instantly into Wing Bank Saving/Current Account
  • 14. How can I pay the monthly installment?

    1. System will automatically deduct full monthly repayment amount from your Wing account on due date. 
    2. You can also pay monthly installment manually via Wing Bank App, Wing Agent and Wing Bank (any Branches)
  • 15. How will I know if I'm Approved? How can I check my loan application status?

    You will receive the App notification when your loan is approved. You can also check your application or loan status by tapping "Wing Digital Loan" function in Wing Bank App and view your application or loan.

  • 16. How can I payoff the loan?

    You can payoff the loan via Wing Bank App, Wing Agent and Wing Bank (any Branches)
  • 17. For late payment, will it affect my CBC credit history?

    Yes, the CBC information will reflect your payment history
  • 18. How can I view my loan repayment schedule?

    You can tap on "Wing Digital Loan" function in Wing Bank App and tap on the loan you would like to view your loan repayment schedule.
  • 19. Where can I cash out my loan ?

    You can cash out your loan at any Branch or at our Wing agent( Fee based on policy )
  • 20. Is there any penalty for late payment?

    You are encouraged to repay on time to have a good credit history. However, the penalty will be imposed for late payment with 2.25% per month on installment amount.
  • 21. If I have more questions about Migrant Loan, who should I contact to?

    You can contact to Wing Customer Service via:

    • 023 9999 89
    • 012 999 489
    • or you can visit the nearest Wing Agent or Wing 
  • 22. If the agency I have worked with doesn't under the agency list of Wing Bank, can I apply for the loan?

    Sorry, only worker who work with the agency which under the list of Wing Bank can apply for the loan.
  • 23. How can I know the agency I have worked with under the agency list of Wing Bank?

    You can check the list of agency list of Wing Bank in https://www.wingbank.com.kh/en/wing-bank-app/loans/migrant-loan/